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Does the numbness in feet ever totally go away?

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It's been 3 years now since I've had oxiliplatin and my feet feel almost normal. I still get a bit of tingling but most of the time feel pretty normal. I just wondered if it ever totally goes away. I've learned that "it goes away in 6 months" is pure bullshit, so wondered if it ever totally goes away.

In case you are wondering, I had 12 rounds of FOLFOX in 2007 and 14 rounds of FOLFOX in 2009.

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According to my oncologist, it might go away completely, it might go away partially (sounds like where you're at) or it might not go away at all. Most people, according to my oncologist, see varying degrees of improvement.

May I ask, what Stage were you at initial Dx and how are things going for you now? Other than the numbness that is.

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From what I have read, is that once the nerves are permanently damaged, then the numbness will always be there. If the nerves are just blocked then the feeling will come back. I lost feeling in the last 1/3 of both feet and my small fingers on both hands.

Our Oncologists are supposed to listen to us, and when they do not, we get hurt. Then the Doctors want to tell us it is our fault for not telling us enough information for the to regulate the chemo. What a cruddy attitude! It is the patient's fault for them hurting us. The more I read about Cancer Research, I wonder how many of these Doctors are actually scientists? I am a career engineer and I promise we do not go at problems with such haphazard and pre-made decisions.

Best Always, mike

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It's weird because for a long time things were pretty good some feeling, some tingling and numbness almost like a sheath around my feet ahd calves. Suddenly most of that is gone with just a bit of tingling left.

I was diagnosed sage IV in 2007 had surgery and chemo. Recurrance (not really it was three tumors missed the first time) in 2009 had HIPEC and chemo. Recurrance (not really according to surgeon, he thinks it was from 2005 and never big enough to see) in 2012 had chemo and surgery. Currently cancer free.

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Well I was dx in 2007 with stage IV with mets to ovaries and omentum. I've had two recurrances and two additional surgeries, one was HIPEC. Just had the latest surgery 6 weeks ago and feel great. The surgeon believes the tumors date back to 2007 so nothing new, which is good. Now that I'm not on chemo, I'm doing really well.

Looks like you're pretty new here. I hope you're doing well and getting the answers you need.

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18 months since folfox, I live in hope.
They say it takes 7 years for nerve cells to be replaced.

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I hope I don't have to wait that long to get complete relief!

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I had FolFox6 from Jan. 3, 2012 to July 3, 2012 (24 treatments).
had 10 treatments of Erbitux in there too.

In September, started this maintenance chemo treatments of Xeloda + Avastin.

seems like the the numbness and tingling in the hands and feet continues to get worse.
I'm able to eat virtually any and all foods, and the taste buds are back in action... no lock jaw or those problems. But the feet discomfort, my balance issues and overall foot issues seem worse than ever.

But, if my feet are my only issue to deal with... I feel I must be doing okay.
yet, every time i see a post or information on this topic, I'm always hopeful that someone will have new information or the magic potion to make it better.


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Joe - I so feel like you. It's taken some time but the tingling, numbness, and yes balance issues do eventually recede. Hopefully with time your symptoms will get better too. Traci

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Or 8 1/2 years later...

Some tingling in one foot..but manageable. Sometimes wearing Crocs with the nubs on the soles seem to stimulate blood flow to the feet - and this helped me in the summer stay on my feet longer.

Nerves do take time to recover if they do. I guess I'm largely where I will be for the rest of it...fortunate that I recovered enough...some are not so lucky.

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