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Well......Looks like port is coming out *****UPDATE******

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one way or another.

Robert developed an infection with his port last week, so he was put on antibiotic, and the doc looks at it tomorrow. The skin is eroding away even as we speak. There is just a small strip of skin left across the top half, so it looks like it will have to be taken out, like it or not. I'd bet my last dollar there will be no treatment tommorrow. And looking at surgery in the next week or so.

I only hope the treatments have knocked down the tumors enough that they won't think they have won the lottery.


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We are sending our thoughts and prayers to you and Robert for a speedy recovery.

We have a port to reduce our risk to infection, and still there are risks.

Best Always, mike

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Sorry to hear about the port problem. As Mike said we have ports to prevent infection and allow for easier and more efficient access to a major artery. I am sorry you are having these problems. Hopeful that there will be a better result / outcome from the surgery. ((HUGS))

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darn. hate to hear that there is a problem with the port. prayers coming your way

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Have you talked to the dr about putting in a picc line in the meantime. It is a very simple proceedure where no anethesia is required.

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Just what you don't need having to have surgery at this time. Pray everything goes well.

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Do you have an update and what did doctor say?


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consult with a surgeon @ UAB on Tues. His doc put an ASAP/URGENT on this sx, and if all goes well he could have it out by next week. Robert has contracted a upper respitory infection and bonchitis a couple of days ago, and he is miserable..has slept the days away.

The port itself is still draining nasty stuff, and looks like it could pop out at anytime.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get a quick sx date!


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Surprised they'd wait till Tuesday!!! Have they put him on anti-biotics in the mean time??

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Given that Robert has had this infection well into weeks, given your description of it and now has an upper respitory infection/bronchitis please watch his temp and hydration. If anything even slightly looks off consider taking him to emergency room.

I have to say that I am very surprised not only that his doc has waited all this long, but also that an ASAP/URGENT need for surgery doesn't get you more than a consult on next Tues.

If you read Doc Ray's post, he also got an infection in his port and they removed it almost immediately.

I think this is one of those times when you need to take a strong position that the port comes out NOW. It isn't just the potential delay of chemo that is worrisome. Major infections can be life threatening.

I don't mean to scare you, but this sounds very very serious given your description of how things look and how Robert is feeling.

I sure hope that all this gets resolved soonest and Robert is on the mend quickly.


Marie who loves kitties

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I thought the same thing...why is this dragging on?? Either they did not want to "interrupt" the trial, or the doc is too busy to take extra steps. Neither sets well with me.

We did go to emergency last nite, because of a fever along with the cough, and shortness of breath. When the ER doc heard his port was infected, I thought he was going to yank it out right then. I explained we would be seeing a surgeon on Tues, and he calmned down.

I am becoming more and more uncomfortable with this "cutting edge" teaching hospital. Supposed to be one of the finest cancer centers in the SE, but not much has impressed me.
However, the trial drug has been working, and Robert wants to stay (at least for now).



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It's a tough spot to be in for sure.
I'm sure Tuesday can't come soon enough. I'm glad the trial is working...

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We saw the surgeon on Tues @ 8am and by 8:45 it was out. Did the proceedure right in the office! Local anethesthia(sp?), snip, snip and it was out. Robert does have a hole the size of a 50 cent piece, and about a half inch deep. Pack it and cover it twice a day, and it should heal from the inside out.

Treatment will resume the week of Dec 10th, beginning at square one in the trial. Long infusion times to start...6-7 hours, and then it will drop back to 3 or so.

We are enjoying the break, trying not to worry about the what ifs. Scan at the end of Dec.


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You both deserve it so much:)

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That was a quick snip snip. I hope you and Robert do enjoy the break between now and the 10th. May his healing be quick and pain free!!
Love to you both,
Winter Marie

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