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vertigo help

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jim and i
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This morning Jim awoke with sever vertigo. Can't move with out feeling like vomiting. Of course all docs are on vacation.

I have noticed some hearing loss lately and he had a bout with mild dizziness a couple months ago. My question is, has anyone else experienced severe vertigo after treatment? If so, did it go away on its own or should I take him to the emergency room? I would dread the ER on Black Friday. Maybe I should wait for Monday and call Doc? If so, which one, the Oncologist or PC?

Any Help offered is appreciated.

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depends on how you rank your priorities. WHile this is pretty miserable, it is absolutely not life threatening. Also, whatever treatment is offered in the ER won't cure this overnight, so you will want to chose how you approach this just based on what you want to do. There are dizziness problems, then there are vertigo problems. Those are not the same, but the distinction is best made by someone trained to do the proper exam. Whether this is an inner ear disturbance caused by fluid buildup, or whether it is a primary disorder of the vestibular aparatus, it will have to be treated with medication. Any of the guys involved in his care can be your starting point. It is possible this will require a referral, as some of the investtigation may require specialty services, but you gotta start somewhere. So I would just go with whomever you feel the most comfortable with.

Sorry for the discomfort.


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I have suffered vertigo since before treatment. If it is vertigo that he is suffering from it is not an emergency situation. Frustrating yes but not urgent. I can tell you that if it is vertigo they will RX him a glorified version of Dramamine. You may want to try that or Bonine as it will cause much less drowsiness. You can see if that helps at all. Usually that and sleep help me a bit. Try and find the one position that he can lay or sit in where he doesn't feel dizzy and stay that way for a while. That being said, on Monday you should call whichever doc you feel most comfortable with and see what they want to do about this situation, even if he feels better by then. Which I hope he does.
Good luck.

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She suffered, took meds, and did the normal stuff. THEN one day her ENT did a physical "manuver" on her and it was instantly gone. From then on out, whenever she'd get it, she'd go back and he'd do it again...I can't remember what the manuver is called. There are things you can do yourself, too...



Kent Cass
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One of the three canals in my left inner ear was damaged in the car accident of '68, and I've had several times with bad Vertigo. Looking downwards helped me. Sounds like Phrannie might be onto something worth checking out. Hope things improve.


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