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What food should I try?

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I am four weeks post treatment with a peg tube and trying broths, cream soups, milk products are bothering the sores in my mouth so staying away from them for the time being. Should I try soups like vegetable need and see if I can chew and swallow? Or something else, I'm scared. I swallow fine but what if it gets stuck.

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Hi BellaMaddie,

If you are cleared for takeoff, try anything you want. Small bites and multiple sips becomes the mantra of the post H&N warrior. For me I always managed to drink one meal a day during treatments, but moved up to smoothies as soon as my PEG was popped. For some the desire to eat and taste returns quickly for others it takes it’s time. What ever you feel comfortable with will be the deciding factor. When ever I eat out (or at home) I have lots of water, coffee, juice or what ever to drink. Until saliva returns from vacation other liquids will have to fill in. Good luck!!!



P.S. welcome to the forum

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This broth goes down like silk...tastes wonderful (even when I couldn't taste anything else)...can be frozen, and can be used for vegetable soup...it's a 'use for anything" kind of broth.

Cooked diced vegetables most likely won't get stuck, where noodle dishes like mac and cheese can...they are just a little too dry. Soft diced veggies in broth, tho, I'd think would be an easy way to see if your mouth can take them. I couldn't eat anything with sores, but if only milk products are bothering you, then give this broth a try...it's healthy and tasty.



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My wife shoved them down as fast as and as often as I could tolerate them. For the protein factor. Carnation instant breakfast( chocolate of course) again for the protein. supplemented with the peg. 3 months post I was able to get solid foods down of course with plenty of water, which seems like I am addicted to. After a little weight gain they removed the peg. Good luck

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After the liquids and semi-liquids, I started on pancakes. Pancakes seem to dissolve in the mouth. I have a very restricted esophagus, and food gets stuck easily if not completely, totally, and thoroughly chewed. Did I use enough adjectives? (My vocal cords have been removed.) I have to really concentrate on chewing whenever I eat. However, I don't have to think about pancakes.

Of course, this may or may not be a good idea for you. But you want something that tends to dissolve easily. Which can be cake etc.

I do try to eat a balanced diet with fruits, veggies and whey protein supplements. I do not, and do not recommend a high-pancake diet. However, for me it is fun food that I have no trouble getting down.

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Pam M
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Egg drop soup went down well for me early on. Just as well you're avoiding milk products for now - I've read they promote mucous. Sounds gross (and is weird to eat), but I crushed up fiber cereal, and poured chicken broth over it early on, too. Scrambled eggs were another early treat. Cream of wheat is another thing I ate (warning - now, I can't bear the thought of eating cream of wheat). A lot of us would visit buffets from time to time to sample foods. Do well.

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