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Sill in hospital

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I'm still in the hospital maybe leaving on Monday. Doctor came in to talk about path report he said that I had 3/27 positive nodes. All clear margins so please chjme in and let know what you think. Love and prayers. Pat

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Have a speedy recovery. Congrats on clear margins. Sending you prayers. :)

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are a good thing. hope you do get out on monday. take care & wishing you a quick recovery.
hugs & prayers

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Congrats!! wishing you a speedy recovery!! Kim

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Congrats on the clear margins! Get out of the hospital so you can get well. I just got released last Monday, and a hospital is no place to get healthy. lol

Seriously the hospital is no place to get good rest. There is always someone poking or prodding on one, not to be able to relax. I would just get into deep sleep only to be woken up. Grrr.

Best Always, mike

Sending thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery.

Cathleen Mary
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Pat, Clear margins are welcome news. Recover and rest. The docs will go over whatever treatment you need; don't hesitate to come back and ask questions....someone on here will have a similar experience.

Take good care of you.
Cathleen Mary

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Congratulations on the clear margins!! Hope you can get home and rest/heal. Sending healing and comforting thoughts your way.

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