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Update on Tim

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For those that have followed Tim's progress here are some numbers.

Pre RP...PSA 22..G-9..12/12 Positive..pt3bno..epe..svi..pni

Post rp Jan 2012 0.03
May 2012 0.03
Post IMRT Aug 2012 0.07
Nov 2012 0.1

Is it too early to establish doubling time. If calculated we are at 5.14 months. If this goes to 0.2 in three months the D/T decreases to 4.3 months and so on. This has really got him down but I'm not sure if this is part of the PSA bounce I hear about.

Feedback wanted.......Jeff

UPDATED: Seems that someone misread Tim's last PSA and scared the hell out of him. The updated PSA is <.01 and not 0.1. Remember guys....confirm those numbers. Tim came very close (hours) to getting a 6 month dose of Lupron and spent a week and a half in terror after getting this false report. Alot of red faces at his Onc's office today.


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Considering the clinical pre surgical factors this is as good as could be expected. I hope his healing has continued and continence regained. I have not looked into prior posts from you. Radiation is an expected outcome for such men. Lots of research supports it, and soon.
See: SWOG 8794, original report and the later follow up reports.
also EORTC 22911 just came out this week.

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Sorry.... I did just update my post to reflect Post IMRT psa as of August.

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for letting us know about the EORTC 22911 trial report. Will discuss this with my oncologist in December. I am presently on the RADICALS trial for pt3, randomized for no further treatment until relapse. Psa is currently <.1 and I am 11mnths post surgery

She tells me that they do not know that adjuvant carries an advantage over deffered and this is the whole reason for the radicals trial. This is not really adding up for me. Also, I am told that about 40% of men with a psa that has risen but has remained below .2ng will not progress further and that this is why she beleives ultra sensitive testing does not provide evidence of definite recurrence.

Am I dreaming? Why are they bothering to do this trial if all the evidence from previous trials have demonstrated a significant advantage to adjuvant radiation. And what about her comments on the psa?

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hopeful and opt...
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Always get the hard copy of the results, and double check those,

"edumucated" people can read the decimals wrong.

Additionally in my case, I was given results from a different patient.

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