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Dad just diagnosed with AML

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My dad was just diagnosed with AML yesterday and had his first chemo today. The chemo drug they are using is Vidaza for 7 days. He is 88 years old and feels like he will be able to resume a fairly normal life after this 7 days of treatment. My sister and I are in the dark because we have not been able to speak to his doctors (weekend). I have a list of questions for the doctor but knew I could get some really good information on AML from those of you who are care givers or have AML. I am over from the Lung Cancer Board which has been a great source of information during my 2 year journey with lung cancer.

My sister and I both live quite a distance from the hospital where he is being treated and are grateful for the care he is receiving there. Our worry is AFTER he leaves the hospital and goes for his weekly outpatient care. Will he be able to drive, walk up stairs, care for himself? He feels like he will be able to do all of this on his own, but we think we should move him closer to one of us.

Anyone know the prognosis for someone his age?

Thanks so much!

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We are just begining the journey, my mother is 78yo, very healthy all her life, but was diagnosed recently with cmmol and mds, she began vidaza 11/5/12 for 5 days and then to have blood test 2x a week for 3 weeks then suppose to do the vidaza 5 days again and so forth so far she is doing well, often sleepy. How is your father doing?

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