Christmas/Holiday card alternatives

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Dear Friends,

It occurs to me that there may be many of you who either don't have the health, time or financial resouces to do postal mailings. So I am looking for suggestions for electronic alternatives.

I know that the CSN site is often slow and we might overload it for sure if we were to try to use it in that way. It also has limitations on what you can post.

I am not adept with the "social media" environment, but was thinking of a couple of things which might be done.

The first is that I could open up the yahoo account I created for getting info about the card list so that folks could post greetings there. Of course I would delete personal info sent before doing that. It would require you to send an email to that account so that I could give you the password as posting it here is not secure.

Second, I thought about creating a restricted group on Facebook, with the help of some more knowledgable than I, so that you could post there. The advantage to that is you can include pics and music clips by including the site you got it from. My biggest concern with this is that I don't know how many know how to "navigate" FB.

Please put on your thinking caps and offer up solutions to this delema. I don't want anyone left out because they are uncomfortable receiving and not being able to give.

Hugs to all,

Marie who loves kitties


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    For Those Using the Written Word...
    We could still open up One Big Community Card - and those that want to "sign it" and express their sentiments could do so freely and cheaply.

    Having one post would eliminate the multitudes of other posts that proliferate during this time of year and keep the community all in one "holiday card."

    As for other expressions, sounds like you got it covered, Marie...

    And remember folks, the program was created for others to SEND...not receive...the idea was the giving from one to it's not a tic for tac thing.

    Financial and time constraints are always challenging during this time of year...and each year, we never know what we are able to commit to or's challenges can make some years more unworkable than the key is to enjoy receiving, which helps the hearts of those giving...because there are many that want to give to you.

    No one feel guilty...Chicky just wanted everyone to enjoy the was her tradition and she got it started back when...

    I'm glad to see the tradition continue...and if she were still with us, she would be holiday wishes to one and all!
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    I feel a little
    I feel a little uncomfortable giving an opinion since I'm new here...but since Marie asked :)

    There are lots of free e-card sites. Jibjab has some really funny free cards where you can upload your face to dancing bodies etc. We had lots of fun with the site last year with the kids. Instead of passing along address, you can just share everyone's email address. There are plenty of other sites with just e-cards - no uploading needed.

    You may bring more work to yourself though, because there will probably be some that prefer getting the real card in the mail. I've learned my limitations and sending cards is just not something I'm great at. If I get them out to close friends and family, I feel a great sense of accomplishment!

    I like Craig's idea of one post that everyone can share holiday cheer in too.

    Maybe those going the "e" route, could make a donation to make-a-wish or another charity in the "CSN Colorectal Family" name, with the money they save on cards and postage.