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Anonymous user (not verified)

Does anyone taking long-term Rituxan maintenance have trouble with dreams? I dream of snakes most every night. They are not scary dreams but I am wondering if the Rituxan can stimulate such dreams. I am also using Cymbalta so it could be that.

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Not me. I use to have night mares clear up in my 40's, but for some reason they quit and I have nice dreams now. I didn't have any bad dreams while on chemo either. Might be the Cymbalta...hope you figure out what's causing the snake dreams...UGH! I dislike snakes, and spiders and sure to heck wouldn't want them in my dreams! :) Take care...Sue

Anonymous user (not verified)

I would not consider mine to be nightmares, just dreams about snakes.

Max Former Hodg...
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I would liken you trying to sort out what is causing dreams with me trying to figure out what caused my muscle pain when I was on r-abvd. All five drugs cause muscle pain ! They aint no way to know.

Every professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins, working together, most likely could not even venture a guess as to which drug is causing your dreams. Any submissions here are just that -- a best guess.


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Hi Gary,

I'm not on Rituxan for maintenance though it was part of my R-EPOCH regimen.
I tend to agree with Sue, that it's probably the Cymbalta.
Dreams used to fascinate me. I normally don't have bad dreams but have
had experiences of nightmares with certain medications (including one
antibiotic). You might want to discuss it with your doctor.

A little research on snakes in dreams reveals:

Snakes or serpents in a dream can symbolize:
The unconscious.
A time of transformation or transition.
The Freudian interpretation says it’s a phallic symbol that represents how you experience your…

Google Search What do Snakes represent in Dreams

You mention in your profile that you prefer to deal with facts vs. emotions. Maybe it's possible your subconcious is bringing up something you haven't dealt with
on a concious level? It's interesting.


Anonymous user (not verified)

I guess its probably something inside me and not the drugs. I am 1/4 Cherokee. They believe that if you dream of snakes that it is an omen that you will die soon. My Granny predicted her own death this way. I don't believe in that superstition but I do think these things can be self fulfilling. I am not scared at all. My wife says I just don't like not being in charge of the situation. I guess I like being the hammer and its hard to accept transitioning to the role of the nail.

Saw my first grandchild today - a very handsome 8 pound boy! Great day!

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Happy first time grandpa, Gary and congratulations!

miss maggie
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If you like snakes, it's a good dream. What is Cymbalta???? Maggie

Anonymous user (not verified)

Its a drug used to treat depression and also works wonders for my osteoarthritis. My hands completely stopped hurting when I began using it. It was first prescribed to me by a Dr. Specializing in arthritis. Kids say I am much more mellow when I take it.

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Thank you for informing me about this drug. How great it treats depression and osteoarthritis. Who could ask for better. Maggie

Anonymous user (not verified)

Yes I do like snakes.

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