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change in meds

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Joined: Feb 2012

well i have been taken off folfiri and just started on folfox please will you all tell me any thing that might help?

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I don't know much about Folfuri, but I had 24 treatments of Folfox and that along with Erbitux did a serious number on the cancer and leisons in my liver.

that stuff really worked very well for me!!!

it wasn't super easy, had some ups and downs over the 30 weeks. (had to take a couple breaks in the action along with a planned break for spring vacation) but overall that stuff worked.

I had a large tumor in my colon... and the folfox kicked it down to a dead tumor and then it was removed surgically... and I had 30 large liesons in my liver along with 70 or so "micro liesons" and now I have about 5 or 6 dime sized liesons.

my CEA level one year ago was 65 and today its 1.6.

I have and had several side effects from that combination of drugs with the Erbitux... but if i had to do it all over again... i wouldn't change a thing!

that stuff worked for me... and I hope it works equally as well for you.

prayers and positive thoughts are with you


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Posts: 85
Joined: Feb 2012

were you kras positive? my doc said that i could not take the erbitux due to being kras positve.

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Hi Joe,

Did you get your liver resction yet ? What's the news on that ?

Have you taken a second opinion? What size , numbers and location are your current mets ?

If you haven't already then I suggest yOu have your scans etc seen by atleast two tumour boards in a teaching hospital and get opinions.

Maybe MD Anderson, university of Pittsburgh medical centre and / or UCLA , johns Hopkins ?

I am sure you are on top of it all but I couldn't resist to suggest since your case is similar to mine.

I finally got my resections done in germany and am back in India on maintenance chemo



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