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Three Years Now

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It is hard to believe that I lost my husband three years ago today. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday. Other times it seems like forever. I cherish the good memories we made together and the family we raised. He will forever be a part of who I am. He is still one of the first things I thing of every morning, and the last thing I think of every night. The pain has mellowed but the love and empty spot in my heart will always be there. Take care everyone. Hugs and blessing to all who come here to share our grief. As we get older the losses increase, but we wouldn't grieve if we didn't love. Looking back, the love is worth the grief. Fay

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What a good perspective you have shared. Thank you.

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Grandmafay you have summed up exactly how I feel. I am a few weeks behind you in this journey. My 3 year mark is in about 5 weeks time. In some ways it is not so hard in others it has become harder. These few weeks before the anniversary are always the hardest for me. The day we got told no more chemo options, the day he left home for the hospital never to come back, the day he stopped being able to communicate with us, the day we were told no more srgery options and the day palliative care started all have anniversaries this next few weeks. I am trying to keep my chin up but part of me wonders why I am still so deeply affected by the memories of those hard decision days.
Anyway hugs and blessing to you too for being such a pillar of support on this board.

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Posts: 1639
Joined: Aug 2009

Nice to see you still show up here now and then. I often think of you and your family. I hope all is going as well as can be expected. Fay

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