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Another arrow in the quiver?MGN 1703

coloCan Member Posts: 1,944 **
edited October 2012 in Colorectal Cancer #1

More info available as well at the first item on today's (10/29) issue of:

(May need to enroll, so try this:oncologypractice.com/oncologyreport/news/top-news/single-view/immunomodulator-mgn1703-cuts-risk-of-colorectal-cancer-progressing/

and on "Hunting for the last remaining tumour cell":medicalxpress.com/print270723176.html

PS:Have a kindle ereader? Amazon.com currently has for free in nonfiction:"Defeat Cancer-15 doctors of integrative and naturopathic medicine tell you how".....Can't vouch for content as i just downloaded it myself.....


  • pete43lost_at_sea
    pete43lost_at_sea Member Posts: 3,900
    thanks steve
    the kindle book is a good read and its free.
    the german clinical trial is also interesting as i am in germany.