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Called the hospital...

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Hi guys,
I called the hospital where Denise had her SCT and was told without having Denise's last name they could not help me. I told the admissions clerk the dates Denise was being treated and asked her if she could check those dates for a woman named Denise having a SCT done and she again once again said it's "impossible" to do that without the last name of the patient. I pressed a little further and politely said.."how many women named Denise could there possibly be getting a SCT on those dates, and couldn't she check the list of names for SCT's during that time period?" Once again she told me, it was just "impossible to do. So...I thanked her and hung up. Now, in my opinion, nothing is impossible to do, but obviously this clerk was not willing to help. Maybe if a few more of us called, she will see how many people are concerned and decide to help, or at least transfer us to someone else that might be willing to help. Anyways...I'm kind of frustrated right now, but hopefully one of you can make better progress than I did. Sue :(

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I called as well and must have talked to same person as you. I am going to try again today and ask for the Dept. that performs the SCT and see if I get any farther. John

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frustrating, I couldn't even get my Fathers PET scan results without him calling and telling them that it was ok. It's going to be tough to get any information. Do we know what town is she from? I can't remember......

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Got as far as the 9th floor (cancer floor). Nurse said they had no one named Denise on the floor right now. She transfered me back to the Onc. office for admissions. I got a voice mail. Called medical floor where people with pneumonia would go. No one there named Denise and no one remembered a person with that name. I was asked who her Dr. was. If I knew that then I might be able to find out something. Without a last name no info can be given because any info may be on the wrong Denise. I think Greta may be our only hope at this point. John

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