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New here, 4 1/2 years from diagnosis

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Hi all!

I'm new to discussion about this. I am 4 1/2 years from diagnosis, and am so angry at this cancer! I'm having long-term effects of treatment (neuropathy in my feet, intestinal problems, tendon weakening, anemia, kidney issues, and let's not even get into my sex life), and yes I'm glad I'm here but...DANG! (Or a stronger word lol).

I was 42 at diagnosis, had a complete abdominal hysterectomy, chemo with taxol and carboplatin, 6 doses over 20 weeks or so, 25 radiation treatments with cisplatin and 3 internal radiation treatments. Now I know what a physicist does! lol

And now that I'm reaching the end of seeing my doctors, all I can think of is a reoccurance somewhere in my body. Every little pain makes me worry.

I'm looking for some place to talk about this...


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Hello ixmii! I am along with you on most of what you said. I was diagnosed at age 41; had 1 child still in high school and 2 grandchildren. I wasn't sad about having a hysterectomy. I was definitely scared when they told my the diagnosis. My treatment consisted of D&C, complete hysterectomy & 3 internal radiation treatments. Began in June and ended in November. Not bad, I mistakingly thought.

Now, my doctors and I are trying to locate the reasons for my headaches and muscle pain. Unlike them, I know it isn't the dreadful old age (cuz I am young!) because I feel sick often anymore...feverish, upset or stomach pain, ect. Okay, now I am worried.

The pain is sometimes so unbarable I can hardly walk or sit or lay down. I have headaches almost every day. Now, the doctors are just poking me with needles trying to find anything. So far they've only found a Vit D deficency. I'm taking Vit D and feel no different. See them again next week. I know they just love me. The feeling is not mutual (lol). I just worry all the time. I am scared that not only will I have to go through this again, but so will all my family. Really sucks... Oh well, chin up!

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