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Cervical Cancer Stage IIB Survivor

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Joined: Sep 2012

Wanting to share my information with you. If there is anything I can do to help, contact me. I am a stage IIB survivor of 20 years and please feel free to read my story, along with other cancer survivors. Again, please feel free to contact me! I am here to help

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I would love to read your story... I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in April and had a hysterectomy done. I had chemo and radiation. I had to have another surgery two weeks ago as I had a recurrence and will undergo chemo again. Where can I read your story?


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Hi Monica, Your alot like me I had a radical hysterectomy 16 days ago and they removed a grapefruit size tumor in my cervix which had cancer. It gave me cancer of the top section of my vagina and some cancer was left on the outside wall of the rectum. Those two areas. I will start chemo/radiation end of this month. I am very scared. Tell me did they give you internal radiation that cylinder in the vagina? For direct radiation to the area?? I do believe this is what I will be getting. When I see my doctor next week I will know what I am up against.

Hope your feeling better after your surgery 2 wks ago. Did it have to do with the hysterectomy or cancer treatment? My hysterectomy was across my belly but it's healing good.

How is your chemo treatment? Is it pills or IV's? Let me know your story and just know there is alot of us out there with you in the boat. :) Take care Kitty

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Hi Ronmybaby! I've finished all the treatment 28 session of external radiation, 6 weekly Cisplatin and 3 high dose internal radiation. The external radiation and chemo was manageable but the internal radiation for me was painful..I had the last IR sept 20 last month but until now my vagina is still sores and even my labia is sticking together due to some damage tissue around the area and peeing is the worst part it's like I have a urinary tract infection x10... And it's more painful bcoz ur urine will somehow pass to your scars and it's like hell and in the end of the day I tried to use my dilator and it's killing me also since I still have scar issues but everytime I look my Vagina in the mirror and my Labia is sticking together I tried seperating them and so painful then try to insert my dilator....i feel so depressed and sad but hopefully inthe end of the month I will hear good news!

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