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25 yr old daughter Mammo

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My oldest (25) daughter had a mammo on Monday due to issues with sore brests. She had test done at Imagining Center she works for. All looks good-but they did the mammo since my history of BC.

Thinking it may be her thyroid-plus she just found out has HIGH calcium.

HOPEFULLY all come out as stress related....

not that I want her stressed but she is big time right now..


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Glad her mammo looks good! What does having high calcium do? What are the symptoms and what's it caused from..taking too much calcium supplements? My onco has me on prescription calcium/vitamin D, not over the counter..Just wondering..

I also worry about my oldest daughter being highly stressed.She's away at college and taking very hard chemistry type classes and working part-time..It's so distressing to see our kids having any type of problem! As mommys we want them to be super healthy, happy and protected all the time!! But I suppose that's impossible..didn't mean to ramble LOL

Let us know and keep us updated, and try not to worry!
Your daughter is in my thoughts and prayers,

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Denise, I will be praying that your daughter will get the all clear! It sounds like she will. I know that you still must be worried though. Just glad she did get her mammogram.

Sue :)

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Hope all turns out okay ... prayers! ... Sue D

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Thanks for comments..NOT sure what you (DR) can do about calcium...

until next dr appt..


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She works for the imagining office..MUST have felt different to be on the other side of desk..(she is reception) She takes the women to mammo center..


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Just checking in to see how you and your daughter are doing and hoping you will have a positive posting that she's ok.

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