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Back in the chair

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Hi y'all, just checking in and saying hi. I'm sitting here lamenting the fact I'm moments from being half way done. I hope everyone is doing well, Sharlene how are you doing? I hope all is going smoothly with your treatments. Ta, how are you? I've been watching but haven't seen a post from you in a while, I hope all is well. Be well everyone! Aaron

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Hi Aaron :).

Thanks for checking in. Half way - that's good!
Hope things are going well.


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Hi Aaron,
So glad your half way done. I know it's been hard, but you will be all done before you know it. Hang in there friend and thank you for checking in. Best wishes...Sue

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Hey Aaron,

I an halfway done also!!! Had my sixth treatment today. Did you get bounced again? I thought you were back to a few day ahead of me because I got bounced. Looks like we are in sync again.

I don't get a PET until after all twelve rounds. For some reason they don't do interims here unless they see some necessary reason for it. I'm sure that something is working right though because when I get passed my couple of funky days my energy starts to pick up and I feel really good.

So, I hope you are doing well. Any weird and wild side effects?

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Hey Sharlene, good to hear from you. Yea it looks like we're on the same day again. It's strange that you get no interim scans, if i were you I'd see my Onc and tell them your feeling weird in the area of your largest tumor and ask for a ct scan. I'm assuming ct is how they found this initially so they will have the first one to compare it to. Ct scans are exponentially less expensive than pet scans so they just might do it. I'm on one of the most penny pinching HMO's in north America and they have me getting 2 ct scans during treatment, I wish I could just give you 1. I hope you can get an interam ct just to make sure the treatment is working as it should. As to weird side effects I can only think of 1 but I'm afraid decorum does not allow me to elaborate in polite company ;). Keep me posted and be well my friend. Aaron

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