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Whole Body Hyperthermia

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Someone I love with ovarian cancer is considering Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH) treatments in addition to her current treatment. If you have undergone WBH as a treatment, I would like to know if you feel it was successful and worthwhile, and where you went to have it done. Even if you did not have ovarian cancer, but have undergone WBH, I would love to hear from you. I have learned that "the story is everything." Thank you very much.

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I have had one WB-HT treatment and it was fine. I have my second treatment 10/22 chemo with 24 hours later the WB-HT. I am in Germany now and will go to Austria for the WB-HT treatments. I have Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 so there were not many alternatives.

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How far into this disease is your friend now? It is my understanding that typically, if a patient has gone through at least two series of treatments with chemo, that the genetic damage will result in ineffective hyperthermia treatments. If she has already had some chemo, she can do the Biofocus test, out of Germany, or the Greek test to identify whether the treatments would be effective, or not. Good luck to her.

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