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Veterans who served in Viet Nam

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If you have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and served in Viet Nam you need to check with your local VA rep. From what I understand, you are rated at 100% until 6 months after your treatment is complete. After that you are rated on the residual effects. If you were aboard a ship, check out the list of sites to see if you are eligible.
Watchful waiting (or Active Surveillance as it is now called) is a recognized treatment as far as the VA is concerned.

Best of luck to anyone with this disease.


PS Tan Son Nhut AB, Jan 1969 to Sept 1970. USAF. Worked in the 7th Air Communications Center. Still remember sending out all the Rolling Thunder and Arc Light messages.

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David, I was there 18 month tour same time you were, I was right down the road at Bien Hoa, First Signal BGDE US army..

How log did this process take you I filled and it has been about 5 to 6 months now, The VA keeps sending me information so it looks like I am still in the maze. Good to meet you.


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David, once I sent my paper for PC and DMII. It took about 10 months to be rated 100% for PC and 100% for lymph node cancer the DMII 10%. They will rate you for 6 months 100% and de-rate from 100% if psa or cancer is gone. You will get rated for loss of creative organ, which is a SMC rating about $102.00 and maybe housebound SMC for another $102.00. You need to look at other conditions you might have like Peripheral Neuropathy pains in your legs, hands and lower back Sciatic nerves could be connected to agent orange. Heart diseases and many more.

I served in 1971 at Camp Eagle with the 1st Aviation Brigade, 179th Aviation company Chinook unit in support of the 101st for 8 months and the other 4 months at Marble mountain with 478th heavy Lift flying cranes. I went from being a aircraft electricans to Air crewman to jet engine mechanic.

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