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VA hospitals and Doctors

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My husband is a Vietnam vet and has been going to the VA clinic. He has had favorable tr eatment for normal checkups, a colonoscopy and meds. Since I was diagonised with B cell Non-Hodgkins disease with bone marrow involvement I'm worried that if he was to contact a disease that requires so many treatments and tests if I should keep him on my insurance that I have at my place of employment. Would appreciate if anyone is currently receiving treatments through the VA.

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I am a vet and, years ago, got all of my care at a VA Hospital. I know a lot of vets who go only to the VA for all of their treatments.

As best I can tell, the VA does not employ its own oncologists. The clinic in my area contracts to send all cancer patients to a large cancer group. It seems that they get timely care, and the same options that most civilians get in private practice.

If there is a full VA hospital near you, then I might let him go VA-only.

If there is no Hospital reasonalbly close (50 miles or less), or at least a large clinic close to where you live, I would stay in the private insurance. Just my thoughts.



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Thank you Max for your reply. Yes we do have a new VA hospital in Columbus, Oh. I guess
you hear all the bad reviews from years ago and hopefully things have changed. From what I've read on the net, major improvements have been made, but when you are dealing with a loved one's health it makes you a little paranoid. You have made me feel better about my options. Again, thanks again.

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