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Great news!

CSN is getting an upgrade. All of your posts will still be here, but the website will have a new look, new features and be mobile-friendly. To prepare for the changes, the site will be down briefly at the end November. We’ll continue to provide updates as we get closer.    


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Hey all, I am a recent survivor of breast cancer. Yay!That's over. That was REALLY hard. Anyway, I have a thyroid nodule that has grown and developed a couple of extra small ones since the last scan. My oncologist is sending me to a specialist to have it checked. She says he'll do a fine needle aspiration. I looked that up. It says they insert a very small needle into the nodule, "rock" it back and forth to insure a good tissue sample then do it AGAIN four or five more times! And they don't use anesthesia!! What?! Has anyone had this? If so, how was it? Thanks much for sharing.

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The don't knock you out but I seem to recall being injected with a little lidocaine first. The pressure was uncomfortable but it was short lived discomfort. Closing your eyes may be helpful. I did have more than one jabbing but i had a big nodule. They guided it with ultrasound. You can do it! It'll be over in no time.

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