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Hey max

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I'm sorry I've been a bit scarce lately, just been lurking. Getting the results of my first in treatment ct scan in a few hours so I will post them straight away. Sometimes I read what others are enduring max and I can't bring myself to post my trivial pissings and moanings. The truth is I'm getting through this pretty well, I'm playing golf and going out with my family. I'm still here several times a day every day it's just that sometimes I just don't know what to say. Be well my friend, I'm here. Aaron

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Hi Aaron,
I remember how nervous I was getting my midway scan...thought I'd throw up before walking in the door to get the scan done! You are lucky to get your results so quickly! Hang in there buddy...it's all going to be good! Don't "ever" feel bad, or guilty about feeling good...we "LOVE" knowing the treatments arn't keeping you down. How's the smoke in your area? Our air quality is absolutely awful due to all of the fires in the state. The Rimrock fire and Naches fire(Hwy 12) is whats causing all of our smokey air. Well...let us know what you find out...my fingers and toes are crossed for you! Sue

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We had a lot of smoke in kent as a matter of fact we were one of the 3 worst places for air quality on the west side of the hills. We got a little bit of rain today so that helped. I've been thinking of you from time to time living on the east side, I hope it hasn't been to nasty in Yakima. I was in Roslyn for the day last Saturday and we could see the smoke rising out of Wenatchee in the distance and it looked bad. I hope your doing well and catching lots of fish over there, I can't wait to get the Livingston back on the lake next spring and get back to eating trout. Take care Sue. Aaron

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Hi Aaron,
Hope you get good news today! Whenever you get a chance please let us know and don't worry about not knowing what to say, I also see some posts and really don't know what to say either! Take care


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Glad to hear that you are doing well Aaron. I'm stuck where you were a couple of weeks ago. Just waiting for my white count to go back up so I can have my next round of chemo! How'd your scan go?


Max Former Hodg...
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Welcome back, buddy.

Although I had a fairly rough ride on chemo, and have lung issues still, I also realize that so many have it so much worse than you and I have. If you are out and about playing golf and such, I know you are doing better than most. You undoubtedly have dodged any lung toxicity, since you have shown no signs by this point.

I just have this feeling that the CT will show tremendous reductions in the tumors, on your way to CR. Note: I was NOT in CR at my first CT after starting chemo, but got there before the end, so do not let any small amount of disease remaining at this point worry you.

Waiting to hear,


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Good luck on your scan!!!!! Vinny

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Hey Aaron,

Best wishes, and hopes for good news. I have difficulty thinking of what to say on these posts too. I was fortunate to have very few side effects from my chemo last year. And very little problems with the Rituxan maintenance---

May your scan show vast, vast improvement!!! with major shrinkage of the tumors!!



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Well , I got a 50% reduction in tumor size at 33% of treatment completed. I must admit I was hoping for a bit more but I'll take what I can get. Perhaps because none of them were extremely large to begin with (3.5 cm was the biggest) this is somewhat normal. I hope you can get back to treatment soon Sharlene but an extra day or two of feeling good is kinda nice. Maybe they can give you some growth factors too so you can remain on schedule. Take care my friends and be well. Aaron

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Hi Aaron,

I know you wanted better results but I agree with you in taking what you
can get. You are responding and that's definitely a good thing.

Don't worry about not knowing what to say. We all have those feelings at times.
We also understand when folks need a break from all of this (including this
site) and when they decide to move on with their lives and stop participating
here. None of us has all the right things to say (or answers) but all of us have the
ability to share a hug, offer an ear or shoulder, share our feelings/experiences
and offer simple compassion when we feel up to it. There's no right or wrong
in this. Okay, climbing off the soapbox - it's got John's name on it ;).

I'm glad you have been able to get out and do more normal things and I'm sure
that in itself has been therapeutic :). How's that daughter doing with



Max Former Hodg...
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Your results are what I expected. I am no doc, but I would say you are well on track for CR. For some reason, these docs know what they are doing when they choose a number of cycles, and you are down for 12, like me.

As Jim said, you are responding, and responding well, I would add.

I NEVER went to a blog or discussion board the whole time I was in treatment. Jim is also correct that it is the norm for people to sort of come in for a while, and then depart. I do not even recall, really, why I looked at this site several months ago and started contributing. I had not looked at a cancer blog in over a year and a half at that time.
I check in less often than I did initially, and most likely will bow out at some point.

Do what is comfortable for you. That is what we all have to focus on. I am glad you are moving nicely toward CR.

Keep up your spirits !


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I do appreciate all the kind posts from everyone. I'm not going away from the board, I like to think I'm kinda like Jim in the way he always uses humor in his posts. I'm afraid I'm just not nearly as tactful or tasteful with mine so I figure I'd just pipe down a bit. But unfortunately for y'all it won't last and I'll be feeling chatty before you know it. I really have grown to care a great deal about all of you and perhaps that's what makes it difficult for me to chime in on the more difficult subjects. Be well my friends! Aaron

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Hi Aaron

I would have to say that 50% reuction is great news. You are only 1/3 the way into treatment, so this is just great.

I too have missed you on the board, but I am glad to see you are well and starting to post a bit.

How is your daughter liking kindergarten? Gosh, it was ages ago when my girls were there. Even my youngest granddaughter is now in 3rd grade. The other grands are both in H.S.!
Enjoy feeling good and enjoy your young daughter, time flies by...

So happy for you that your doing well with the treatment and that you are on your way to complete remission. Hooray!

Hugs to you

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Hi lisha, kit is loving school she has taken to it like a duck to water. The best part is she hasn't brought any viruses home yet. How are you doing? I sure hope your pain is improving and you are on the mend. Be well Lisha

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