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Can any body make use of ConvaTec wafers (125259) for two-piece ostomy system?

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I have an overabundance of the wafer (flange) part of ConvaTec's "Sur-fit,Natura,stomahesive,flexible;wafer with flexible collar"--all this written on side of box),item #125259.

Ifyou can use them,kindly PM me to where and to whom and i'll send some to you

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I love posts like this.....it's like a cancer forum garage sale gift.....hope you find someone who can use your stuff and thanks for bothering to do that.....


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How wonderful of you to offer these. If you can't find anyone to take them try your local ostomy group in your area. They are always in need of supplies for those whose insurance doesn't cover many or any at all. Hope you can find a good home for them :)


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If you don't find a friend or someone local in need you can do this:


Gather your new, clean ostomy supplies. Leave the products in their original packaging, if possible.


Package your supplies and take them to the post office. Put your name and address on the return label and on a note inside the box.


Ship your supplies to Friends of Ostomates Worldwide:
1500 Arlington Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206-3177.
You will receive a "thank you" letter in the mail and you may be able to use your donation as a tax deduction because Friends of Ostomates Worldwide is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

Read more: How to Donate Ostomy Supplies | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6568210_donate-ostomy-supplies.html#ixzz278ryrdP5

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I'm almost certain i had asked my cancer center and they must have said "no thanks" for whatever reason or i would've given them some (i see radiologist Oct 1 so i'll ask again)I don't want to change my monthly shipment and then explain why i need wafers again in the future as it took quite awhile to get me what i needed in the first place (nonostomates have no idea really!!!!!)......Thanks for replies as i have way too many wafers (since i try to use as few as possible to reduce wear/tear on skin)......

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i know its been awhile are these still around tks jeff

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either here or in a personal message (PM)

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