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Dang!!! Things were going so well until I went for my blood work on Tuesday. Turns out my white blood count is too low and so no chemo yesterday. They will phone me to set up more bloodwork and my next chemo. It plain sucks! So, now I'm home and trying to avoid going out anywhere there might be a crowd.

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Hi Sharlene,

Sorry you got sidelined. I know how anxious I was to get my
treatments over with. Hang in there. You're doing fine.



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Hi Shar,
I was very fortunate to not have any set backs with chemo due to low blood counts. So sorry yours are down...hopefully you can get back on track soon. Prayers to you dear.
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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That happen to me a lot during treatment, make sure you just relax... Vinny

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what a disappointment--so sorry you're going through a delay. Praying for you, take care of yourself--that's really important.


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Thanks everyone!

It has been quite a production getting this blood work sorted out. The nurse had a problem getting blood from my PICC line on Tuesday but it went slowly. Then Friday they couldn't get anything, so they put some altaplase in and after an hour it worked great! Today when I went in the nurse drew some blood back to check and it was fine, then pharmacy wanted another blood test. Saline would go in no problem, but blood wouldn't come out! She altaplased me again and still couldn't get anything, then all of a sudden it went and was fine. I hope this isn't going to be an ongoing thing.
Good new is that my counts were up and I didn't need any Neupogen this time!

#5 is done and I'm almost halfway there. Happy about that.


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half way done!!!! it will be over before you know it! Vinny

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I'm glad to hear things are back on track hopefully you can keep getting the neupogen. I get three shots after each treatment now and it works great. I can't believe we're almost half way done with this, stay strong Sharlene. Aaron

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I hate the delays too.
But be glad you didn't have to go in the hospital. I did 5 days after my 5th chemo treatment. I just got out 1-1/2 weeks ago - had a bacterial infection, had platlettes, pint blood, liquids and a IV antibiotics.

Yeah I would just stay inside and avoid people period. Also do a bunch of hand washing, check your temp and invest in disenfectant sprays, etc. Good Luck.

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