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Hospital stay length?

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I had my TT in December, but no cancer. However, my housekeeper (whom is like family) does have thyroid cancer. She is very poor and not eligible for any benefits. She had her TT today and they sent her home hours after the procedure! They did not verbally explain any of the complications she should look for as far as complications with the parathyroids. Has anyone ever hear of someone being discharged so quickly?


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I was discharged less than 24 hours after I left the operating room. But I also had 50 plus lymph nodes removed as well and was in the OR for over four hours.

The sooner you're out of the hospital the better, not only as far as money is concerned, but also because you are less likely to have a post-operative infection home than in the hospital. Particularly one of the bad staff infections that seem to live in some hospitals.


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