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gleason score of 9

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I have a gleason score of 9 with a psa of 69. Does anyone else have a gleason score this high and what treatment route have you taken?

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What treatment did you go with ? How are you traveling now?

I had Gleason 9 (4+5) for 50% of the 12 samples and 4+4 for 40% of samples with 1 negative. I was told surgery was a waste of time and have just had HT , my PSA was 254 in July 2010 in July 2012 was 5.1. My cancer had metastized to my bones and lymph nodes, PSA was see sawing up and down, so I joined the Prevail MDV 3100 clinical trial, so far with fantastic results.

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Ranger, wishing you the very best.


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Hi, My Prayers & Wishers. My Gleason was or is 9. PSA 5.6 on 3rd June 12. Treatment is:-

1. Female Hormone Zoladex planted in tummy;
2. 4 gold seeds planted in prostate. PSA now 0.17 08/08/2012
3. Started Radiotherapy on 27th August 2012 half hour sessions each monitored with pre X-rays.

So far everything going well according to chief Radiologist at this morning's (17th September) talk. My program is for another 4 weeks radio with 12 x 3 month Zoladex injections. My family has a history of cancer, grandmother on mother's side had stomach cancer, of her 9 children 8 had cancer, my mother died of breast cancer at 45. My directly related 3 years my junior sister has been fighting it in one form or another for 6 years (she is a human guinea pig for a cancer professor).

The only problems I have are:
(a) Lack of concentration;
(b) Lack of energy;
(c) Low Haemoglobin count 22/3/12 147; 8/8/12 123;
(d) Bladder slow pressure, especially at my 2 hour intervals at night.

I am fortunate I have a good friend who is 12 months in advance of me with prostate plus a cousin who is one month behind me. We talk things over and pray for each other. It is good to have prayful and caring friends that one can discuss procedures with.
All the Best,



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