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Dr. Strum answers to some PCa questions

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The following link was posted on another site. I thought that Dr. Strum's answers may be of interest to guys who use this site.


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Interestingly, the link to Dr Strum's dropbox was posted by the wife of a PCa patient for the gals and guys on the healingwell PCa forum: 

Many of these questions were provided to Dr Strum during his small group session at the PCRI Conference last weekend. Anyone--women or men--interested in more info re the recent annual PCa conference may visit the PCRI website.  As with all PCRI conferences, a DVD of the keynote speakers will be available for purchase. 

mrs pjd
wife of a PCa survivor, T3 stage

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Thanks for the link. This is serious “stuff” for ADT patients. A must for the ones contemplating hormonal therapy.

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