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Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Diagnosis with Pet Scan two small tumors near collar bone and no other organ involvememt

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We need some hope.

Sister diagnosised with Stage 4 cervical cancer with no other invovement but two small tumors near her collar bone.

What are her chances of beating this into remission? She has a GREAT attitude but has had problems with her blood levels and after two weeks of radiation and two chemo they have had to stop for 6 days. We are concerned.

Where can we go for support?

Can she survive? We want her to live.

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Hi ceb5656,
I'm so sorry your sister has been diagnosed with this awful disease. But there is hope! There is always hope. There are other stage 4 cervical cancer survivors of this board. I am sure they will come around to lend you some support. I had lymph nodes involvement as well, finished treatment in May. Doing well so far. Let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes to your sister.

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Thank you ccfighter! I/We want her to survive. We need her to live at 54 she still has so much living to do.

They recently had to stop treatment due to her blood levels it's been 6 days and we want to get back on track.

She is determined and has a good, good attitude.

I would just like to hear from other survivers of stage 4. It would give us some comfort.

The doctors said 12 months, but I think he said 12 months without treatment, we were all so upset. I refuse to believe 12 months. Research and drugs have come so far.

Our Dad has testicalar (sp) cancer in 1979, spread to his lymph nodes and lungs in 1981, massive chemo and he was in remission until 2002 when he came back.

My prayers and hope is that she can do the same.

Is that possible?

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Hey just saw your post. I was diagnosed inoperable in 2010 august. Have had a crap load of chemo, cisplatin/taxol etc. failed topotecan, and am on carboplatin docetaxel and herceptin study right now. My cancer was her 2 positive, so I qualified for the study. The original chemo killed the Cervical cancer the first 6 rounds, but I was left with mets to liver and lungs. The study combo is shrinking the tumors. I have had plenty of delays, week long and two week long due to bloodwork. I passed two years in August and every time I hear the spots are shrinking, I just tack that time on to the end!! Laughter is the best med, but so is listening to your body. I had a 10 cm mass as primary tumor and all I had was a back ache. I have a high tolerance for pain, so I ignored it, thinking I had a kidney infection. My docs say just live your life as close to normal as possible, and I swear that occasional glass of wine must have helped, ha ha! Help her go for what makes her strong, a good meal, fresh air or whatever she loves. Folks can say something works for them, but let's face it nothing works for everyone, so she must find her happy place. That said, YES SHE CAN AND WILL CRY LIKE HER HEART IS BREAKING, because it is, and no matter what the result of all the medicine etc. her life will change forever. Cancer will always be there even if it is just the worry of it returning. As soon as she accepts it as part of her life struggle the sooner she will accept the medicine into her body and tell the meds where to go. I tried never to use words like "Fighting" cancer, because what about people who lose? They didn't fight hard enough? Like hell they didn't. I say "getting better" or doing well or I am sick just like the flu or something..don't give it that power, Sometimes you can't run away from something like this, but you can sneak away. Please tell her not to be afraid of the local University hospitals, great minds research and teach other minds, and they have great studies! Tell her there are lots of us out there in the act of surviving, one day at a time. I think I would be too afraid to use a word like survivor..like the Titanic..unsinkable...I'll just stick to surviving! Love to you! Dawn.

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