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Homeward Bound

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Well, the insurance company, secure in it's knowledge that it knows my medical condition better than my doctor or myself, decided it was time to go home yesterday. So I was discharged with a fever of 100.7, oxygen level of 85 on room air, a persistent case of diarrhea, and with metabolic readings still out of whack. I'm probably also dehydrated from the diarrhea, but I'm going to blame the head nurse for that and not the insurance company. I asked several times if we could check to see if I was and finally she snapped that I wasn't going to get any fluids because my labs didn't indicate a hydration problem.

I got home and settled in before the home care nurse came in and then the guy with my oxygen machine and portable canisters. I've said for years that I love to suck air out of a can, but I meant a SCUBA tank and not this! Spent the evening dozing, reading the boards and watching TV before going to sleep. Just like at the hospital, I could only manage sleep in 2 - 4 hour chunks before waking up. Probably a routine I'll have to get used to.

Now, it's time for me to gradually watch my nice, cozy bedroom convert into a hospital room. I'll have to make a space for the oxygen machine and put the small cans of air in the closet like so many verticle bottles of wine. I just wonder how long it's going to be before the IV pole migrates out of the closet and begins sprouting it's bags of fruit.

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Glad to see you have made it back home safe, even if not totally sound yet.

Hope this doesn't sound too crazy, but I wonder if they still make Pedialyte(sp?). When my kids were babies, if they got dehydrated from flu or something, you could buy this stuff as a fluid replacement. Being used for infants, it might be acceptable for cancer patients.

Hope to see you feeling up to snuff real soon and replacing those oxygen bottles with real wine bottles.



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Our IV pole was never in the closet but only accepts sodium ascorbate with magnesium salts solutions.

cozy bedroom convert into a hospital room.
...and pharmacy

Insurance? F'em, we're about 90% out of pocket anyway. We do as we want after careful consideration, and seldom lose sleep over insurance/medical arguments or delays. Even though we get the hospital room upgrades, we always leave as quickly as possible - we're very wary of hospitals in general. We figure one major mistake or attempt per day.

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Sorry that you had a premature exit from the hospital.

Hopefully you are now in a friendlier environment away from Nurse Hatchet.

Try to stay away from very sugary drinks as they tend to make diarrhea worse. Pedialyte is still sold and can be used by adults...you might want to ask your doc about it. Won't stop the diarrhea but does promote absorption to help keep you hydrated.

Hope that your cozy bedroom can soon be back to its coziness and all that medical equipment can return from whence it came.

Take care of you.


Marie who loves kitties

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We are glad that you are home! The hospital is not a place to get any rest.

The original gatoraid is on the John Hopkins web site. The Doctor that invented it, gave it to the world to help cure diarrhea. Then a student of his took it to the Florida State, and added sugar and flavor and named it Gatoraid.

Feel Better! Best Always, mike

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These crazy know it all insurance companies! ! At least you have nurses coming to your house so you can be checked on. Hang tough praying you get better real fast. Jeff

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Saw this happen over and over again with my dad.

The issue is never about care - it's always about money...they had no business running you to the door with those vitals.

But, they keep you just long enough to where you go home and then come right back...and that starts a new hospitable deductible...ins is trying to avoid paying for as few free days after ded has been met as they can legally get away with.

It's a despicable policy that only benefits the policy issuer.

Good luck with recovery..o2 is your lifeline.

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Maybe your bedroom is the best place for you? Anyway, get lots of rest and just get better. Take care!

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Well Doc, I am glad your home, Just wish it was because you were feeling great.
you keep doin what you can to get better and I'll keep sending prayers,

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Hey Doc,
It's so sad that insurance companies can make our healthcare decisions. It's really disgraceful.
In any case, I hope that you'll start feeling better being in your own house and away from all of the hospital noises that ruin sleep.

All my best,

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Glad you are home and hopefully you won't need to return. Sometimes just being home makes you feel better. Glad you had a health care nurse come in and hope that it continues for a couple weeks just so that they can make sure you are on the right path. Are you going to have to be on oxygen for an extended period of time or just until your levels get back up. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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Thanks, Kim. I'm thinking that the oxygen will only be needed until my room air level is above 90. I was wanting to spend a large part of today in the back yard, enjoying the outside, but the air quality is as bad as it was in mid-August when I first started getting sick.

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Here's to getting better in your own environment. I hope you are able to relax and rest comfortably.

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I really do appreciate it. It was very comforting when I'd read your posts and helped me to get up and about to start getting my wind back.

Something that's kind of strange is that I haven't had a desire for a beer or any drink with alcohol. I guess it's my body telling me that it's not well enough for that stuff yet.

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You know what they say ....hospitals are for sick people! Hope you do well at home - less germs!

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a beer make it worse, if your diarrhea can resist it why not?LOL.
What worries me is your fever still very high what doctor say about ?
Hugs my friend.

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Haven't seen him yet, but will on Tuesday. I'm taking Tylenol to keep the fever down. I am finding myself more exhausted today, feel completely drained and very little energy. Just going upstairs to say good night to my folks almost depleted me! I can't wait until the chair lift gets installed, hopefully it'll be before I get home from chemo on Tuesday.

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Home Sweet Home
May be Home is best.. make the most of it.. and get better my friend..

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Joined: Nov 2011

Home Sweet Home
May be Home is best.. make the most of it.. and get better my friend..

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but it sounds like you're pretty wiped out still. Do you have anyone coming into to help? Or are your parents able to keep an eye on things? I wouldn't hesitate to head back to the hospital, regardless of what the insurance company thinks, if your symptoms get any worse. Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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Well I hope you crave a beer soon and a friend can stop by and drink one with you. Take care.

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kinda glad you are home but i am concerned that they kicked you out too soon. please do not hesitate to go back if you feel you need too! wishing you get rest & better each day. damn ins co!!!

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I hope you get some rest at home. I truly hate that the insurance co had any say at all in the decision to discharge you. I'm holding you in my prayers


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But they're also a necessity, of course. Hopefully you'll do better at home, as long as you get the care, therapy, etc., you need. I've been on my journey 7 months and haven't had to be hospitalized yet, but know I will somewhere along the line. Keep fighting the good fight and get back to being your ornery self as soon as possible. Hugs, Dan

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The plan is still to give you chemo??? With a fever and infection can't see them giving you chemo!!!

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My fever didn't show up last, my temp was no higher than 99.4. Today I'm on room air and not using the oxygen machine and my SpO2 is mid-90s. I'm still pretty weak and tired, but should be up to snuff by Tuesday. I've been pretty weak and unsteady when I finish infusion so my Dad is going to bring along his walker when he picks me up afterward.

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They do suck!!! They are full od sick people who can pass their infections on to you. Sometimes, home is the best place.

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That is great news and you sound like you have a bit of your spark back! Amazing what a bit of home cooking and sleeping in your own bed would do?


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It is nice sleeping in my own bed and that's pretty much all that I want to do. Haven't had any home cooking yet. I'm the cook and not only can't do it right now, I just don't want to eat anything. I force myself to eat something, but I know it's not enough. Maybe I'll try an all natural solution to no appetite tomorrow.

When I left the hospital, I was on 2 liters of oxygen all the time. Today, I checked my oxygen level on room air and it was 90, so I just stopped using the oxygen machine. While my level stayed at 90, my lips started turning a little blue, so now I'm back on canned air until I see the onc on Tuesday.

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There's a show called tanks that puts giant fish tanks in people's houses. Maybe we can turn your room into a tank with a floating bed and you can scuba in there. I'm glad you're home and glad you can at least control your own fluid intake. You know your own body. Insurance companies and nurses not the best help.

I can send my sister over to visit you, she'd have you sleeping in 5-8 hour chunks in no time. Never stops talking, bores me to tears when she comes to help me. Puts me right out. I think maybe I'll make CD's of her and send them to those having trouble sleeping.

Hang in there, maybe you can slip some wine into one of those IVs. Helen

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If you're taking tylenol to suppress your fever I wouldn't do that before going to doc. or at least let them know. You may be reducing and hiding an infection or fever that they will only make note of if you've got a fever when they check you, not giving them an accurate picture of what's going on. Hope you're feeling better. Try some small snacks and see how that goes.

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