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actually went on holiday!!

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I have had to cancel so many plans over the past few years I hardly dare even think about them very directly. But, in the midst of a fairly brutal chemo regime, I actually managed to go away for a nine day holiday with my honey. IT WAS DIVINE! My oncologist (conservative!) was great in allowing me to go (and telling me I could text him 24/7), I carried a mini-pharmacy with me, including two courses of antibiotics 'just in case', and I had to go in for a blood test 1 hr after stepping off the plane -- but it was so worth it. I didn't actually believe I was going till the plane took off. Total relaxation at a beach resort -- bit of yoga, bit of beach walking, bit of paddling in the pool, and a whole lot of nothing. I just can't believe it -- so wonderful. I missed you all -- but you understand!!


ps I will probably be changing from GOLF-A to Gemzar plus Xeloda plus Avastin soon. I'm looking forward to the possibility...

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Great News!!

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So glad to hear you got away for awhile and fully recharged I hope.
Change of scenery is always good.

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Yay you!!!!
Living--that's what it's all about. Full throttle.
Thanks for sharing Tara~

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HOW WONDERFUL!!! Great to hear :)

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I'm so glad you got a chance to go on vacation! You've been in a hard fight for a long time...you really deserved a fun break. And the best place to do that, imo, is the beach-so relaxing. Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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So glad you had a great vacation! Vacation is a great drug for healing, so you were on meds there. Hope you have many more!
Sandy :)

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Tara I am so so happy for you......a little beachy break.....good stuff

all the best with upcoming treatment


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So glad that you got to play Gidget for awhile! It's always good to recharge the batteries as often as you can and I so happy for you that you had this opportunity!

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Happy for you!! breaks at the beach are always nice.

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Glad you enjoyed your much-deserved break!

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Beach breaks are food for the soul.

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All work and no play is not good...glad you got away for some recreation and rest before returning to treatment. Art

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Your vacation sounds so good. Everytime I think about it something pops up and don't get go. So happy for you. Jeff

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Absolutely FABULOUS!! I am so HAPPY for you! Your post brought a lot of smiles. So glad you had a wonderful time!
Winter Marie

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Aww :) thats great Tara. It sounds so relaxing! Hey, just so ya know....my daughter's name is Tara also. (warm fuzzy smiles). Love that girl so much!

Hugs, Gail

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I think time away from all the stuff that overloads our day to day lives is hugely therapeutic and should be prescribed for all. Recently had a similar week in
Menorca and did me and my whole family the world of good.

Congrats and now start planning the next one,

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