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skip a chemo round??

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hey guys , again im asking for your advice, hope you are all not tiered of my questions, i want to skip a round of chemo for a week, my kid has 2 football games and i want to go to the opening day of the bucs game, since its a holiday everything would be pushed back a day and i know i would still feel crummy for the weekend, dont know if this will hurt me or not, dont want to get off track to bad but still want to enjoy some cool stuff this weekend, silly thought i know, would love some input!!! thanks guys!!

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Nana b
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i skipped a week, ONC said it was fine. Went on Vacation and enjoyed myself.

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You should be fine unless your doc thinks it will cause you major problems. I asked to skip for personal reasons and they were okay with it. Enjoy the football games. Jeff

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when we were kids, skipping across the yard always equaled Fun and Happiness.

Yes... ask the doctor (tell him/her your reasons) and Skip!!!

i went through 24 weeks of treatments and was able to skip two weeks. one for vacation with the family and one "just because" i needed a break.

enjoy your week. enjoy your family.

Go Miami Redskins!

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For a lot us cancer is a chronic illness and it needs to fit into our lives rather than the other way around. That includes treatments so delaying a treatment (better to consider it simply as a delay rather than skipping it) is a low risk adjustment that allows you to enjoy your life to a greater degree. I have certainly done it for holidays and my onc was always very supportive of it.

Enjoy life!


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I've had 13 "full" treatments and 2 with just vectibix. Both times so I could enjoy trips. Heading to the Rockies for a little fall foliage later this month and I'm going to do it again. Doc has been ok with it and hasn't seemed to have any effect. Enjoy yourself!

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I delayed a treatment for a week when I was preparing to go back to work while having chemo. I'm a teacher, and I felt strongly that I needed a full uninterrupted week back in my classroom with my students to get things stabilized there, before being out for a few days with chemo. I talked to my oncologist, he gave his approval, and I delayed the treatment for a week so I could get things underway at school. It all worked out. I'm now three years since diagnosis with stage 3b colon cancer, and currently NED with no problems. I would just talk to your doctor, and most likely the delay could be arranged.

The delay did benefit me too, because I had some extra time to recuperate from chemo side effects before my next treatment.

Posts: 132
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you guys are the best!!!!!

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