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Secondary lung cancer

abackhou Member Posts: 77
Hi everyone,
I usually post on colon forum and I was hoping to get some info as to my left shoulder collarbone and lymph node swelling. I have stage 4 colon cancer with lung and liver mets. For the past 4 weeks I have been experiencing chronic left collarbone pain which is now swollen at the end and I have swollen lymph nodes to the left side of my neck. I was wondering if you could please let me know what's happening here. I had an X-ray but it did not show any more nodules in the shoulder region. I understand that it may be related to secondary lung cancer.



  • Samsungtech1
    Samsungtech1 Member Posts: 351
    Has your Onc not recommended ct scans, and MRI to see what is going on? It sounds serious to me. You really need to get it checked out.
    I had to walk into an emergency room and ask for a chest x-ray because urologist said my cancer would not go to lungs. It did. I fired him. You have to be pro-active with this.

    Good luck,

  • jim and i
    jim and i Member Posts: 1,788
    I agree with Mike. Be
    I agree with Mike. Be aggresive.

  • dennycee
    dennycee Member Posts: 842
    Pancoast rumors often
    Pancoast rumors often manifest this way. You definitely need a new doc or a second opinion at the very least.