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Update on Doc Hawk

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Ray went to the ER for his weekend entertainment due to rising temp and very bad cough.
They determined he has pneumonia.

They gave him the choice of accepting their hospitality or going home. He chose home and is now on antibiotics to help kick this stuff.
He asked me to pass on this message:

I'm hanging in there but I guess this is something that can and does drag on for weeks. Pretty tired all of the time and the muscles in my back are starting to ache from the coughing. I've tried catching up on CSN a few times but as slow as it is, I just don't have the patience to wait for it ... Give my regards to all on the boards. It felt very special on Saturday toasting Jennie and knowing there were other people doing the very same thing at the very same time.


Hope you will join me in sending him healing wishes so he will be back to feeling better soonest.

Marie who loves kitties

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absolutely, healing thoughts on the way.
I hate waiting for this site. So, I get it started, minimize it and open up another site and come back to check if its open yet. Keeps me from throwing the computer in the pool ; )
The best to you Doc.

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sorry you are going through this. take it easy & get better!
praying for you every night.

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and hoping that he gets back on his feet soon. I had pneumonia twice during treatment and it's very rough. I can understand choosing home over the hospital, though, and hope he has some support there. Ann Alexandria

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Sending positive vibes and best wishes for a speedy recovery Doc! Rest, rest, rest.
My best,

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lords knows you have been there for me brother, my thoughts and prayers are with ya my man!!! get better soon!!!!

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Get well quick Doc Hawk, I'll be praying for you and a fast recovery. Toasted Jennie and had great thoughts for her. Jeff

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Thank you all for the kinds words, thoughts and prayers. It's currently 3 AM here and I"m bidding the time waiting for 8 when my dad gets up so I can have him take me to the hospital for admission. My temp has been running between 100.0 and 101.6 all evening and at times the coughing is so bad I can't catch my breath. I may also put in an emergency call to my onc to see if he can call in the order for hospitalization.

God Bless to all!



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It osunds like you need more than a few healting thoughts- get your butt to hospital, get the right care sorted now and get yourself back on track. You have been fighting this infection for some weeks now and it isn't getting better at home- time to crank up the treatments. You need to get on top of this so you can get back to living life and fighting your cancer.

There are times to be at home fighting on and times to accept more help- this is the latter.

My thoughts are with you,

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Hope the hospital can take care of the various problems you have. Good luck!

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Sounds like the hospital is the best place for you to be right now! By the time you read these messages, I hope you are feeling better and the fever is under control.
Maybe you can find some pretty nurses to look at while passing the time? Hope there is no Nurse Ratchett!!!
Get rest, get well, and get back on Board :)

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Hope your at the hospital right now. Fluids and IV antibiotics are the key. Hope you feels better soon.

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heres some vibes on hoping you can get feeling better.sorry this all had to hit you...Godbless...johnnybegood

Cathleen Mary
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I hope when you read this you are in the hospital. At the moment, it is the only safe option. You need care. We are all rooting for you to return to health soon. I ,for one, look forward to your posts. I have benefitted much from them. Hang in. Be good to you.

Cathleen Mary

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Sorry that you are so sick but glad that you went to get it checked out. No need to try to come on the board and post when you are recovering because that is the most important part, but thank you for getting this update to us. Hope that you feel better soon, we miss you already.


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Hope to see you posting your good progress very soon!
Hugs! . ( V ). Lol.

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(((very gentle hugs))) Get that much needed rest as best as you can.


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