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spread to limph nodes

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hi, my name is lisa I was diagnosed with papillary cancer when i was 24 years old, back on the year of 1998 i had a total thyroidectomy and like a month later i had my first radiation a year later i had a 2nd radiation thats when my doctor said i was cleared of any cancer, then barely a month ago when i went to get my blood test done it came back abnormal thats when my doctor semd me to get an ultrasound and it came back with something so she send me again for a biopsy and thats when she said the cancer was back on my limph nodes, right now i am just waiting for them to tell me what they are goig to do. so I would like to ask anybody if they have been through this and what shold i expect? Will i recover fast? Are they going to do the same as the first time? What does this mean? Will they still be able to control it? Thank you!!

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hi lisa--

i was diagnosed w/ papillary carcinoma in 1999, had a total thyroidectomy and radiactive iodine. last may, a thyroglobulin test had bad results, so we did a thyrogen scan and some ultrasounds and found that the cancer had come back and spread to my lymph nodes.

i had a radical neck dissection. they went in through my scar and removed 10 lymph nodes, 7 of which were cancerous. recovery was quick (a week out of work, but i felt okay after 2 days). surgery was followed by radioactive iodine (at home isolation, rather than hospitalization) and more scans. the pathology report revealed a small percentage of cells that were tall cell variant, which is a more aggressive type of cell and may have something to do w/ the recurrence.

i'm scheduled for follow-up blood work and a thyrogen scan at the end of this month, at which point we'll know if i'm clean. saying a prayer...

hope the info about my experience helps you.


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Wow! This sounds scary. I'm 22 and I just had a total thyroidectomy and the removal of a couple of lymph nodes. I'm about to do the RAI. I wonder how common it is to have the reoccurance like this. Scares me a little bit. Anyone know the answer?

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Hi, I am waiting for my scan and Nuclear medicine treatment. After a total Thyroidectomy and central neck disection 2/5 limph nodes came back as cancerous near my left collar bone. Im feeling a bit scared now after reading about this cancer mainly spreading to bones and lungs? has anyone heard of or been advised to have their teeth removed before treatment? whats the general treatment. I have heard of treatment going for 5 days a week for 4 weeks. Can anyone tell me. Thanks

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Sometimes your teeth can become loose during treatment but there is no medically necessary reason to remove them. I had one tooth become loose but a year later it was fine. I kept my teeth clean and flossed. The tooth is no longer loose.

I am a PTC survivor with double metastasis to the lymph nodes. All within a period of one year. Three surgeries (TT and 2 neck dissections with 2 RAI treatments). I am two years post treatment with no more recurrence and I still have all my teeth.

A treatment I firmly believe in is the use of Baking soda. I brush my teeth with it and I drink one teaspoon dissolved in 6-8 ounces of water every night. It not only controls my acid reflux (GERD) but it increases my pH levels and allows more oxygen to fill the cells of my body. Thereby not allowing cancer to live. Oxygen kills cancer. Might want to google this to find out more information.


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I had a total Thyroidectomy 8 year and had RAI a month after removal. I would scan every year and it wold so uptake in my thyroid bed so I decided to go through another round of RAI last year. This year my scan was good but my aultra sound showed enlarged lymph nodes. I had a byopsy done and found out on Thursday that the cancer has spead to my Lymph nodes.

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Hi guys! Sounds like this is the discussion board for the young affected with thyroid cancer. :) I'm 21 yrs old and had a thyroidectomy when I was 17. About a week ago, I had a modified neck dissection to remove the cancerous lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. My doctors were very surprised that the cancer had returned; it had almost been 5 years! They caught it because of a swollen lymph nodes and some abnormal thyro AB results. I'm slowly on the road to recovery. My whole neck is numb and from the little I've been poking around on the internet this morning, looks like it could last awhile. Hopefully, it won't keep me from being active when I go back to school in the fall. This has been the worst part of the whole ordeal, which I feel very lucky about. RAI isn't too bad really, you just get a funny taste in your mouth and maybe feel a little sick from drinking so many fluids. Hang it there though guys, its not so bad, just more of an inconvience than anything I guess. My email is julie82@hotmail.com if you want to talk. :)

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Hi guys!!
I've been operated from an almost thyroidectomy going on 16 yrs.I've only had 1 surgery but 3 I131 treatments.My first treatment was 1989,1994 and 2003. I am dealing with this on and off since I was 18yrs old, but I am fine just going for bloodtest every 6 months with neck sonogram and every year the Whole Body Scan. Don't be afraid just make sure you always go for your check ups just in case it does come back,it can be treated on time.
If you want to talk you can email me at

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I had one side of my thyroid removed and the other side was killed by idione ration back in 1989. On August 7, I fell off the roof and rushed to the ER. The CT scan showed broken bones but also a node in the base of right lung. A PET scan on August 30 confirmed a high uptake in right lung base and also in Hila and subcarinal lymph, followed by bone and brain scan a week later which were clear. A CT scan guided biopsy was performed on September 30 showed a papillary thyroid cancer in right lung. Now I am scheduled for I-131 scan for October 24.
I am coughing a bit but I have severe indigestive, not sure if it is related?

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Hi I also have metastasis to both my lungs confirmed by lung biopsy. They said i have numerous
Pulmonary nodules on my right and left lung. I did 2 rounds of RAI and the Dr. Said its not working. ?
My Endo Dr. Referred me to head and neck oncologist at Stanford. Have seen him but advised me
to wait another 3 months because the Pet Scan showed stable and I have no symptoms. So I will see
him in January. How was your I-131. Did you have uptake? Check with your Dr. Regarding your cough
Maybe you are only catching a bad cold. Take care and god bless.

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