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Planned chemotherapy cancelled

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I am actually very pleased by this. I saw my oncologist today. After the lung nodule was found, he recommended surgery and follow-up chemo. Today was my first visit with him following the surgery. He now believes we should be in an observation mode, since he believes the potential benefits are outweighed by the known side effects. I'll have a CTscan in three months. I was so relieved that he and I are on the same page for this step in my journey. Best of health to you all!

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If you got clear margins, then this option is certainly a viable one. It's hard to know what is the right course of action.

If things get picked up again in the next scan cycle, you can address anything at that time.

Not doing chemo, certainly leaves that gun loaded and in the holster for any future duels.

Recurrence is the enemy that we fight...I hope you never have to fight that one.

This sounds like good news - and I think if I were in your shoes, I'd go this route as well.



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The lung nodule was a recurrence but the surgery showed clear margins. So I'm comfortable with the decision for now.

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Enjoy this good news. Hopefully everything is good and no chemo will be required. Pray for you and all the best. Jeff

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Have you looked into the idea of non-toxic adjuvants that might be helpful, such as Life Extension Foundation presents? I know for my wife, LEF was an excellent starting point. Even destroyed a major metastasis site. Combined with light chemo, perhaps similar to 1000-2000 mg of Xeloda, fairly similar supplements have been effective for her, stopping new mets 2.4 years.

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I will look into this if I have another met.

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I am glad that you and your doc feel this is a truely viable option for you at this time.

Being able to keep this treatment option in reserve is a good thing.

Follow-up blood work and scans will be vitally important now.

Hugs and praying that all the news in the future is good news for you.

Marie who loves kitties

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Yo Vita.. so happy for you,. that sounds like good news... :)

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I'm happy too. I know I'll never be out of the woods, but I feel I've reached a clearing and a small break.

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I love hearing news like this! I'm happy you're happy :-)

So Worried
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That is wonderful news! Enjoy the future and I'll pray for you that you are NED for a long, long time!

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I had clear margins removing the right lower lobe nodule, negative lymph node involvement (8 taken), benign endobronchial tumor removed, clear PET the day before the surgery on 7/26.


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and I see by your profile you've been through a lot. We can enjoy this chemo-free period together. Cheers!

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That is great news. It had to be a surprise hearing that.


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My onc didn't recommend follow up chemo after my liver met resection. He said the newer studies show no added benefits after curative surgery for solitary liver or lung mets with clear margins.

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had the same reasoning as yours. I hope you enjoy this chemo-free time as much as I am.

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