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Post Surgical Swelling

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Hello to all on the board. I found the site by coincidence this morning. Had surgery for left hemicolectomy, gallbladder removal and endometriosis surgery all done on June 14.

Having swelling in abdominal area everytime I eat something and feel swollen and just plain miserable. Feeling the constipation that I read that many others have experienced on the board. I am drinking lots of water, tried ex-lax, smooth move organic tea, don't eat dairy, following the low residue diet I had been eating that way before surgery.

Having symptoms of complete exhaustion it comes out of nowhere when it hits me but after I eat something with protein I feel better occasionally but not consistently. Starting to get the feeling of desperation --having stress with starting a new job and am in training next week.

Any feedback about the after surgery symptoms would be sincerely appreciated I am getting so worried about the swelling and have been searching for clothing that can go with the swelling as it comes about. Not sure how long this will last and when can we start to exercise again? Nurse at dr's office is just utterly useless at this point no return of calls since the surgery they wanted me and out of the hospital with no guidance afterwards.

My best wishes and prayers to all of you on the board.

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If you are having these issues still after more than 2 months, you need to see a doctor.

Don't just call the office and talk with the nurse, schedule an appointment with the doctor himself, not a nurse or physicians assistant.

If that doesn't work, you need a new doctor.

If you can't get one to take you on because they didn't do the surgery, go to the emergency room.

Don't let this go regardless of whatever other things are going on in your life.

It may be nothing, but it could be something...so get it checked out.

Marie who loves kitties

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thanks but have tried that already :)

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Demand to get an appointment with the doctor this week. If you need to buy new clothes to fit differently because of the swelling than you need an answer why this is happening. Don't wait, especially since you aren't feeling well either. Please let us know what is going on. Please call tomorrow.


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