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Is anyone on the western side of The Pond following the Olympics?

If so, what do you think of our show? How have we done? Are you enjoying it?

All of us on these threads can do with all the feel-good factors we can find. I've had some real highs watching the sports I used to most enjoy competing in - weight-lifting, rowing and marathon running - but the most enthralling viewing of all, for me, has been the rhythmic gymnastics finals, the exhilaration and beauty of which left me emotionally drained. Anyone else see and enjoy this?

So many highlights!! I can't wait to see our hero in the super-heavyweight boxing tonight but right now I'm guzzling the Olympic smoothie I've just made in my Vitamix and revelling in the Marathon.

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Good show


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The hosting of the Olympics was superb and--from what I understand--despite the time difference, the ratings were through the roof (record breaking). I thought the time resulting in taped events might lower the ratings down, but apparently I was wrong?

We enjoyed watching all the sport competitions and were glad that Great Britain fared so well. When we weren't rooting for the U.S., England got our cheers. We had an unusually high interest in the swimming competition since Michael Phelps is local as is Alison Schmidt and Katie Ledecky.

You did yourselves proud. Baltimore-Washington is again throwing its hat in the bid process for a future (2024) Olympics site.

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i still can not believe Rio beat out Chicago for the 2016 Olymics what an insult

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England should be mighty proud for a great 2 weeks in hosting and participating


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And to think Mitt said you were not ready.


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I watched quite a bit of the games. But somehow missed alot of the good stuff. I did get to see the mens and womens basketball, Gabby Douglas,swimming, and some running. How did I miss so much track and field? boxing? Bolt? decathalon? It seems to me there was WAY too much team handball. How is that an olympic sport? It's like an 8th grade gym class activity.

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