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Migraines back...grrrrr !

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Hey everyone,
I have lived with and worked through this issue all my adult life. Until, I had my surgery for my dx. I thought hmmm was this related ? But never asked. Well 8 months later wap...back again. Could be just another cycle....use to get them cycling at least 6 x's a year. They usually last 5-7 days. On my 4th day this a.m. caffiene and tylenol helps dim the pain a little. I decided on the Masonic Cancer Center in the cities instead of the Mayo, as it is 150 miles one way, instead of 300. All info was sent, including tissue slides. My appt. is Aug. 20th. Will be asking about the migraines....I feel silly raising red flags, but was so nice not having this pain for 8 months. Probably still had them, but with the other pain superceding I didn't notice them. Well, have a great day everyone....and as others have said pain free ! Katie

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girlfriend~~~I am one of the lucky people that has never suffered migraines, I'll tell God you don't have time for this!!

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As with most, I forget to give it to our creator. Thank you for the reminder, much appreciated ! Hugs sent, Katie

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Sorry you have to have those headaches...I too have never had migraines...but bad headaches for sure ..and I don't like those as it is.

You are in my nightly prayers anyway ...so I will tuck that request in their for some migraine relief.

Keeping watch over you...so hang in there and keep us posted!

Your fellow warrior,


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Much appreciated ! You also are in my nightly prayers ! Regards, Katie

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and stay away, it does not matter what causes pain, it just disrupts the day. So Katie you are in our prayers that the headaches will just go away.

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You're dead on whatever the cause. Headaches, headaches go away...Katie just wants to go and play ! Use to use that one for rain...lol ! You are also in my prayers ! Wishing you a great day ! Katie

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about those migraines. But.. they last for 5-7 days???.. I have migraines, but they last for one day or... let's say, 12 hours. The pain is horrible, I used to throw up and couldn't even think or see the day light. I got my first migraine when I was just 12 and it was probably related to my first period and my adolescence. Now they show up every few years. The last one I had was on February.

So, a little bit I know how you feel, but 5-7 days? Probbably surgery caused it... Talk about it with your doc.

But in the end of all.. I just wish you PAINFREE life, Katie! From the bottom of my heart! And health.. without any pain. You're in my prayers!!!

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That's why the docs have said I cycle because of the lenghth of time they last. The worst for around 4 days...then just a achy feeling behind my eyes. But I am seriously going to check when they started in comparission to when I noticed that growth in my neck. I did keep a headache record for the docs back years ago. I'll let Masonic figure it out. I just want it to go away today ! Thanks for your input ! Hope everything is well, or getting better for your Dad ! Warmest regards, Katie

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