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My 26-year-old daughter has had 'mild to moderate dysplasia' this past year. Her doctor is keeping up every three months with pap tests, and she had a colposcopy in December of 2011 which was negative. Two pap tests ago, there was 'nothing there'. This last one showed 'it was back' as the doctor phrased it.

I am a two-time ovarian cancer survivor. I told my daughter to ask for a CA125 blood test next time. I realize it won't be necessarily indicative of anything at this point, but I think she should get a baseline number by which future tests can be gauged, at least regarding the ovaries. Currently, no symptomology.

I would appreciate any comments/suggestions any of you may have. Prayers to all of you survivors and caregivers. I've been on both sides.

Thank you.


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Hi Mopar,
HPV is a SOB! Glad that paps are effective for your daughter and her gyn is keeping up with it. Usually these things can come and go and there is no ill effects. Other times, it becomes invasive cancer. Her paps should catch this progression. I had a few abnormal paps 10 years ago, a colposcopy which was negative and normal paps ever since, until I had stage 2A adenosquamous carcinoma of the cervix, and even then a normal pap. Just make sure she stays vigilant and reports any symptoms such as post coital bleeding, heavy periods, unusual discharge, pelvic pain. As you well know, catching the things early is a life saver and a blessing. I hope it all clears up for her. She is certainly not alone. Take care.

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I appreciate your quick response and kind words. I'm so sorry to hear you've had to deal with this horrible disease. May I ask how you are doing now?

I also appreciate your tips on the symptoms. As for me, I had no symptoms whatsoever, which is common with OVCA. You're right though - the best thing to do is to stay ever-vigilint.

Thank you again. Best wishes to you!


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I am doing well. I only finished treatment about 2 months ago. Did radical hysterectomy, then three rounds carbo/taxol, then five weeks cisplatin with external pelvic radiation, then two internal radiation, then two more rounds of carboplatin. Enough you think? Had first post treatment scan and NED in pelvis and throughout, but new small subcentimeter nodule in the lung that wasn't there on pretreatment scan, so...keeping our eye on that for now. Hopefully a little inflammation, but...once cancer gets in your head it's hard to think anything else. 33 years old, three little kids, one wonderful husband and a tremendously supportive community.

I'm so sorry you've had to deal with the ovarian cancer bit. My aunt is a survivor, stage 1. A friend of mine is also a survivor, 8 years with a recurrence the first year, and now 7 years NED. Hope you are doing well. Take care.

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So glad to hear you have such wonderful support - it is so important. And three little ones! You are so young, but by the looks of your screen name you're facing this head-on.

Chemo can be rough. My husband and three daugthers were also very helpful and supportive during my surgeries and treatments in 2000 and 2006. I was stage 1C, now 6 years NED since the recurrance. Happy Dance for your friend! The long we can go in the NED phase the better. And so for you as well. You sure have had a enormous amount of treatment regimines. But you are a true Survivor!

Continuing prayers for you, your hubby and children, too.


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I understand your concern but there is no correlation between cervical and ovarian, they are driven by two different things. A CA-125 is not used as a screening tool and I don't think a doc would order one without a diagnosis established. I am attaching you an interpretation of the pap. good luck with your daughter and your continued remission, that is wonderful!!


ASCUS (Atypical Cells of Undetermined Significance)
This definition signifies that your cervix contains atypical squamous cells that the pathologist is not 100% sure is due to a benign process.
Recommendation...3 follow-up options:
1-Repeat Pap Smear in 4-6 months
2-Perform an HPV test ("reflective HPV test" automatically with ASCUS diagnosis)
3-Undergo Colposcopy
ASCUS-H (Atypical Cells of Undetermined Significance-Cannot Exclude High-Grade Intraepithelial Lesion)
Further catagorized as "ASCUS favor HSIL" or "ASCUS, cannot rule out HSIL."
These diagnoses tell the clinician that the pathologist is very concerned that the atypical cells she is seeing may be coming from HSIL. In fact, a large percentage of women with this diagnosis will prove to have an HSIL, somewhere around 40%.
Recommendation-Colposcopy and biopsy of any worrisome areas. HPV is not recommended in this instance because we know that the vast majority (over 80%) of women with ASCUS, favor HSIL pap results will have a positive HPV test.
SIL (Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion)
A diagnosis of either LSIL (L=Low-grade) or HSIL (H=High grade) on a pap smear indicates that the cells present on the pap smear have come from a precancerous lesion, either low-grade or high-grade.
Recommendation-Colposcopy and biopsy of the cervix. The difference between cervical biopsy and pap smear is that a pap samples cells on the surface of the cervix. A biopsy is a "mini-excision" of a tiny portion of intact tissue that allows the pathologist to see a cross section of the entire depth of the cervical lining. A definitive diagnosis cannot be made until a biopsy has confirmed the pap smear diagnosis.
LSIS (Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion)
For LSIL diagnoses, the 2007 ASCCP guidelines for most women recommend cervical colposcopy followed by a biopsy of any visible lesions. There is a sensible rationale behind recommendation. We know that a significant number of women with LSIL on their pap smears will later prove by biopsy to have an HSIL, the most worrisome lesion for persistence and cervical cancer. As an interesting note, it seems that just the act of cutting into the cervix seems to speed up the disappearance of an LSIL. It is thought that the trauma to the cervix may stimulate a womans immune system to rid itself of the lesion at a faster rate!
Post menopausal women are unique in that they can sometimes have abnormal pap smears that look very much like dysplasia but reflect non-HPV related changes called "Postmenopausal Atypia" for which they don't need treatment. This atypia may disappear on subsequent pap smears.
HSIL (High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion)
Recommendation-confirmation by colposcopy, tissue biopsy, followed by removal of loop procedure (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure-LEEP). HSIL diagnosed on the cervical biopsy tissue can be divided into two levels of severity: Moderate dysplasia and Severe dysplasia. "Watchful Waiting" recommended for moderate dysplasia in adolescent females, excision with severe dysplasia.
AGUS (Atypical Glandular Cells of Undetermined Significance)
"Atypical glandular cells, not otherwise specified" can be either endocervical or endometrial cells.
Recommendation for endometrial cells-Endometrial biopsy
Reccomendation for endocervical cells-Endocervical curettage, sometimes biopsy. If from endocervix, then the concern is that you have adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS). Two types of diagnosis-AGUS, or AGUS, favor neoplastic.
AIS (Adenocarcinoma in Situ)
This diagnosis signifies a definite endocervical precancerous lesion related to HPV infection.
Recommendation-Loop Procedure or Cone Biopsy (Cold Knife Cone).
Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Adenocarcinoma
Invasive cancers no longer restricted to the cervical surface lining cells but have invaded into the underlying tissue. By invading, these tumors now have the ability to metastasize elsewhere in the body.
Inflammation of the Cervix.

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my advice to you would be to continue on with testing. If you are not satisfied with your answers, please go for more opinions. My cancer was not found on a pap and I had stage IIB. I was told nothing was wrong with me, but I knew my body..
Your daughter knows her body, and if it is telling her something, (bleeding, pain, discharge, ) I would certainly recommend more opinions.

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Hello Monika, i was just diagnosed with mild vaginal dysplasia this week, im scheduled for a colposcopy on feb 14, gyn said i might get lesion removed by laser, i hope ur daughter is doing better now, im scared with this diagnosis, its the least thing o expected during my last pap appt, i was going for a possible UTI or STD since my symptoms were painful urination n foul odor discharge, but unfortunately this dx was given to me, i know im not alone in this n i hope i get fully recovered any comments or sugestions will be appreciated, thanks n God bless u and your daughter 

Curious Pink
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I was diaganosed with thyroid cancer on June 1, 2012 and had a total thyroidectomy on August 5, 2012. Radiation was done on October 5, 2012 because the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. The body scan was done on October 12, 2012 and the scan came back negative, no cancer. I was soo relieved for that news. I had my annual pap done on January 10, 2013 and an ultrasound done on the 17th. The results came back an abnormal pap. Found out I have HPV. Went in to the Dr. for a colposcopy on February 5, 2013 and just got a call today from the Dr. that I have mild dysplasia. Have to go back in 6 months for another pap. Also on January 29, 2013 I had a visit with the dermatologist since I was told to go and get two moles checked by the gyn. I got results back on that and the moles were A-typical. Have to go back in on the 19th so that the Dr. can biopsy a little bit more where the mole was on my calf to make sure all of the pre cancerous cells are all gone. I'm scared to see what is going to happen next. I have a very supporting family, boyfriend and friends but I don't like to tell them everything that is going on with me because I don't want them to worry about me. Especially my parents, they have their own health issues they are dealing with.

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Hi, Monika

I had cervical cancer 7 years ago and am clear today x for the last 3 years iv been an

administrator for Colposcopy at my local hospital and we have lots of young ladies with abnormal

cells of your daughters age and they often go back to  normal after 6months, just make sure she carries

on with her regular 6month smears, hope this helps x symptoms of cervical cancer..bledding during intercourse and

after,, bleeding in between periods, abdominal pain x

god bess x

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