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Dr wont give PET scan results over the phune

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Whoever my husband spoke to in the office said that it is standard procedure and made an appointment for tomorrow, This cant be a good sign. They gave results for the first scan, said evrything looked good and would talk to us on the appontment we already had sceduled. Why wouldnt they do the same this time.

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I haven't had a PET yet but I can tell you my cousin had a PET today and won't get his results until his doc appt. next Monday. He has been NED 8 years. I also know when my brother goes up to Mayo for scan, it is several hours, but he has same day results.
When I had my post tx CAT w/contrast, I was told that the results would be on my doctors desk within the hour but until the doctor signed off on them no one would call me. I got a nurse who said doctor was out of town and she read me the results.
Sounds like they are all a little different. Think positive...hoping doctor just had a golf date. Wishing good results for your husband.

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when I had my PET scan, they never called at all.
screw-ups and inconsistent application of policies happen.
stay positive, and best wishes to you both.

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from all the places I've been to. I agree that it has very little meaning either way. Don't put much stock in it.

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Tonsil Dad
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I had a PET scan 3 weeks ago tomorrow and I waited 2 weeks
to the day for my results which my ENT and nurse had gone on
vacation and no one would tell me my results. My wife finally
called them when they got back and the nurse told my results
and also said that on my next appointment 21st of this month
the ENT will explain things in more detail.
So don't worry yourself.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Don't worry unnecessary, they gave us the BAD news over the phone so maybe it's just a new standard. Stay positive

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I received my cancer dx over the phone. But it is standard procedure to go in for the results of the pet scan. They can show you what's going on good or bad. Which makes it more comfortable for both of you to understand it and ask the doctor questions you may have. Don't worry needlessly...I know easier said than done. I'll be thinking of you both and am hoping you get fantastic news ! Please keep us posted ! Katie

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but had to wait a week to see my ENT about the scan. I wouldn't put much negative energy knowing I had to wait and hear about my scan from the Dr. There's so much more to talk about when it's a PET.


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I wouldn't stress about it too much. I bet everything is fine but you got someone on the phone who took their job very seriously and didn't release the results as told not to. Those scans and results can be translated incorrectly if read by the wrong person and perhaps the dr wasn't in to ease your mind. Please keep us posted, waiting on your good results.

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Now how are they gonna make any money if they just tell you results over the phone.....?

On a more serious note....

Like mentioned, I'm pretty sure it's not unusual at all to not give results as a PET over the phone.


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Pam M
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With my docs, I only got in-person results for the first few. Once I got further out, they switched to phone reports.

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