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New here.Need some advise.

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I posted our story on a different post, but short version is - my husband was stage 3 RCC and after 2.5 years cancer reoccurred with 3 distant metastasis in the abdomen.He had chest CT Thursday, but his oncologist never called with the results. It seems we have to wait until his visit on 8/15 to find out if there is something in his lungs. I am taking it bad and getting myself overwhelmed with research and trying to find information about treatment options. His oncologist doesn't seem very involved. He didn't even look at his case before he came to the room. Spent the visit reading the results from his CT and biopsy and meter of fact told him " I know it's not much time, but it seems you have 12-24 months" After a shock like that my husband didn't even ask him any other questions about his stage or options.He said he is not good candidate for surgery and just put him on Votrient. He just got the meds, but I am thinking that we should get a second opinion before he goes ahead and starts treatment.I hear many of you are on clinical trials with Votrient and another medication. I looked at the trial, but it seems it's not offered here in California. Does anyone know if it's possible to participate if you are not in same state?
Any help is appreciate it!


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I dontknow anything about the trial meds but from reading your post I definitely would get a second or even 3rd opinion. If the doc had no more time than that to spend with you I most certainly go somewhere else. After all you have nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain. Praying for you and your husband .

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I am in the same boat regarding looking for anything to help me out in the long term. I too live in California and haven't really done any research on trials here. I will be waiting with you to see if anything comes up. If I find anything, i will let you know. Good luck.

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Please get a second opinion soon. There are tons of wonderful and caring Oncologists that will give your husband the care and information he needs.

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Yes, get another opinion. In a nutshell, my local oncologist told me that she could not help me. I went to a larger cancer center and had the same experience as you. He only reviewed my case file as I sat there. Very detached. He said "Good luck." Third time was a charm. My current oncologist was looking for the right candidates for a clinical trial of a new drug. I qualified and have recieved treatment now for about 8 months. I had a lot of tumors and now more than 80% are gone. Others are shrinking. I am strong active and fit. Not bad for someone who was expected to "check out" this past spring. If I hadn't recieved a 2nd, and then 3rd consult, I would be dead. And there is no reason at this point to believe that I won't live a long time. If you need a reason to seek another opinion, look at me.

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