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Second Opinion

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Tomorrow I am going to get a second opinion from another Oncologist. I am 4 months into ABVD chemo bi monthly for stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma . I have a lot of questions for this doctor. I have no idea what to expect. Has anyone else done this? Any specific questions I should ask?


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Ask about SGN35 or also called Adcetris. Clinical study that I am currently on.

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It is always good to obtain a second opinion on both diagnosis and treatment, as mistakes are made. Many of us learned the hard way. There may be an equally effective but less toxic treatment available, which would be a good subject to discuss. As diazr1 said, ask about clinical trials, as they are aimed at increasing effectiveness of, and reducing the toxicity of standard treatments. An opinion on scan type and frequency might also be helpful.

Max Former Hodg...
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I've heard of second opinions BEFORE beginning a treatment, but not during. If you are still doing a treatment, walking out would be a bit bizarre. I would doubt that another doctor would accept you under such circumstances.


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Max makes a good point. I got my second opinion before I started treatment. Let us know how it goes for you. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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I'm not sure of the recommendations now, as I was treated 19 and 23 years ago but...
a second opinion sought during treatment may be to consider if radiation therapy should be done after the ABVD is finished. Good Luck! Cathy

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I say get the second opinion on ABVD vs SGN... Less toxiticy maybe and I didnt see side effects listed for infetility if that is important

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I would get a second opinion now. It makes it easier beforehand but that's not an option at this point. When I got my second opinion- it was so different than my first that I went for a third. # 1 and #3 agreed so i stayed with the first onc.

I still to this day get a second opinion whenever treatment is suggested or not. My onc and the second opinion doc usually agree- sometimes a slight difference but no big deal. They talk to eachother too. (Which I like- they collaborate and figure out the best treatment.

Right now I am undergoing Bendamustine for 6 months. Halfway done. Trying Ofatumumab as we speak to see if they can add that without bad side effects. Hope to get a better and more sustained remission from it.

Good luck with your decision. And remember each case is unique.


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Hi Emilie,
I also got a second opinion and actually stayed with that second Oncologist. My first Onc made me do the "watch and wait" for almost 6 months, then I decided to go to another clinic that specializes in cancer and that Onc didn't want to treat me either because I was already seeing another Onc. He finally said yes but to bring him all of the test that my first Onc had done to me. Well in the whole month of Jan I got all the results and started my treatment in Feb of this year. I sometimes don't understand why the docs want to wait, wait for what??? Anywho, I hope that you get all of your questions answered. Please let us know what happens, Take care


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