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Persistent side effects from BMT for AML

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I am over 10 months since my BMT for AML. My donor is from Europe. Neither of my siblings was close to a match. I have done very well over all. Surviving the inductions (2) and consolidation was more difficult that getting through the transplant, although the total body irradiation was not fun at all. I had 2 episodes of sepsis during the course of my treatment, one was severe enough to land me in the ICU. I have little or no recall of the week I spent there (mercifully).

My only negative complaints now is that I have osteoporosis (was never on steroids) and neuropathy in my feet. Other than that, my appetite has come back and my strength is improving daily. I feel well. I was wondering whether anyone else has any persistent side effects from the AML treatment process and BMT.

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My daughter was dx with ALL (Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia. Failed remission in the induction . So went straight to a Treatment plan which consisted of multiple combo of chemos. Really difficult course. she did end up in ICU for about 10 days with sepsis. I can't imagine you had 2 episodes. She did lose her appetite and like you by the Grace of God gained back her appetite and her strength has improved. Still more Chemo to come. I hope you continue to beat this monster and continue to improve in your overall health. Just thought I would share this with you. I am sorry nothing on BMT. J

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Thank you for your beautiful letter and sentiments. I now have someone new to pray for --- your daughter. She will prevail and will regain a wonderful life. Please keep me informed about how she is doing. I have tried not to think about the misery of treatment, and instead keep my "eyes on the prize" ..... good health.

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