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So much better!

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The miracle of good expensive drugs. I now have another anti nausea med along with the new one from a few hours ago. So far so good.

NO nausea, and just minor discomfort.

I talked with the onc tonight. They are both trying their best to get me in on Tuesday. She didn't want to promise after what happened on Monday, but I would be really shocked if I was cancelled again.

So, surgery and then recovery and the chemo and who knows what else.
One foot in front of the other.

Hubby and I even took Lola out for a short walk this evening. Didn't think I was up to that a few hours ago. It felt really good to get outside. But BURR, it was chilly. What happened to our summer. We had a high today of 71, and that was up from yesterday. This is JULY and it should be warmer, at least a little.


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Hi Lisha,
So glad the meds are working and you got out for a walk! Sounds like you are getting our normal weather and we are getting yours. Weird huh? It even felt muggy today and we don't usually have humdity or muggy days to deal with! Mother Nature...she just can't figure out what to do...ha! I'm draggin butt tonight...crawled around on my knees way to much today playing hide and seek with Lizzy. My knees and hips are paying the price tonight :) !! I won't be on-line after 8:00 tomorrow night as we are leaving for Cathlamet to go fishing. We will be home late Friday afternoon or evening. It's about 4 1/2 hours from Yakima( I think) so we will be doing some driving to get there and back. Our youngest son, Lizzies dad, is taking us to his "honey hole" fishing spot on the lower Columbia River where he guarantees we will each get our limit of steelhead. We will see! :) Anyways...just wanted you to know why I won't be around. You take it easy the rest of the week and over the weekend. Use those meds and stay as pain free as possible. So glad you are feeling better! Love you...Sue

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Hi Sue

Super crazy weather. Down right cold. Of course Lola loves it.

Rest up if you can, chasing after a babe is a lot of work. She is just so cute. I really think I need another grandbaby in my life!

Have a wonderful time fishing. I sure wish I could sneek into your car and go along.
It's so beautiful up there. Did I ever mention that when I was in my late teens I lived in Seattle and Port Townsend for a short while . And my most favorite place to find beautiful nature is the Ho Rain Forest. We even visited there on our honeymoon. I have a real love for Washington State.

Best of luck with the fishing. Catch one for me. They are so yummy...

Love ya

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Lisha, so good to hear something good,keep fighting, oh I think we got your summer hit 101 here, yuck! Vinny

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Hi Lisha,

Glad you're feeling a little better.
Sue, have a wonderful time fishing!
It's been hot here too - upper 90's yesterday but the nights
have been nice.

"One foot in front of the other..." wear comfortable
shoes (flip flops/sandals) and avoid escalators ;).



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Glad you're feeling better and getting out. Hotter than hades here...104 yesterday. It rained a little this morning so when it hits 100 today vonna be miserable this afternoon. Enjoy the cool...I'm jealous LOL.

miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

I am so glad you are having another good day. A good walk with Lola and hubby in the evening is just what you needed. Pain free and not nausea helps also.

I wish it were cooler in New York. The humidity is horrible. Hot and humid. I wish
it were 71 in New York.

Tuesday sounds like a good plan. Stay strong and stay positive. Love Maggie

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