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Surgery Date Changed

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This is very frustrating but unavoidable, I guess. The surgeons office called and said that there was a change to the schedule if I was Ok with it. Norma said that there was a scheduling conflict with the surgeons. The assisting surgeon Dr. B wanted was not available until next week. Norma said that he said he probably could manage but he would be more comfortable with the assisting surgeon on hand. What is one to say?

So even though there is an inconvenience to some of my family and friends there was no way to say no. Now the surgery is scheduled for Wednesday the 25th of July in the AM (supposedly). I was all psyched up for the first date, and even though it is a change of just a few days there was a new wave of concern and anxiety. You and I both realize that there is no rational reason for this anxiety. It is the same surgery in the same place by the same surgeon. Rational or not it has been real for me and the family.

This surgery is a milestone to possible cure if not a five year positive prognosis. Along with the possibility of cure there is the equally prominent hope for no more Chemo-Therapy. Although it seems that I am tolerating the therapy well. It, the chemo, causes a constant fatigue, low grade nausea and need for excess sleep.

Enough of my ranting for now, thanks for reading.

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One of the best analogies I have seen regarding living with cancer is that it is a roller coaster ride. Climbing the hill is hard work. Coming down the steep side is exhilarating.

So we just have to buckle up tight and ride.

While I hate that you have to be delayed, use the time to do something with the family and the time will go quickly.

Praying for best results and a speedy recovery.

Marie who loves kitties

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We are using the time to get things in order both at home and work...Thanks again for the reply.

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I think it's good they don't want to schedule any old surgeon to assist with the surgery and are going with a particular surgeon. He must feel the one person is just that more competent and wants to stick to the plan. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. Keep us posted.

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