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How many we're diagnose with Lymphoma shortly after

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Flu Shot?

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Hi diazr1,

I did a little digging:

Found previous
discussion here on this

Found this article re: Northwestern University study (2008):

Northwestern Univerisity 2008

You might want to discuss with your oncologist and get their opinion.
A little scary when you think about it.

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)

miss maggie
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I am very upset reading about the connection between flu vaccine and NHL.
I development pneumonia and ended up in the hospital in 1998. Since then
I have been getting the flu vaccine each year. I was dx with NHL in 2009.

I have to thank you for this info. I will certainly talk to my oncologist on
aug 6. Oh boy.

Love Maggie

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Jim Bob (we are both Southerners),

George Carlin used to do a comedy routine on the Tonight Show, in which he "read the news."

He said one night:

"Scientists have just discovered that saliva causes stomach cancer, but only when swallowed in small amounts, over a long period of time." I suppose there is a study linking shoe polish to foot cancer somewhere.

I worked around both reactors and nuclear weapons in the Navy, but it never scared me. A nuclear officer on board had a tag on the front of his pickup joking about the danger: "A Little Nukie Never Hurt Nobody." We were taught, from scientific studies, that three months underwater gave us less radiation than going about a normal routine outside in the summer sunshine. We all wore numerous monitors on our belts to confirm this.

I have read about the Epson Barr/Lymphoma connenction many times, however.

My onc required me to get an annual flu shot and a pneumonia shot during treatment. I read a little discussion recently about Shingles vaccine and lymphoma, and asked my NP (she is a MSN also) about it. She said that everyone should get the vaccine over 50 years of age, and there was nothing in my medical history to argue against it.

My next door neighbor finished treatment for aggressive NHL several years ago, and had a severe case of the shingles shortly thereafter. It was terrible for him.

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We recently had a topic started about the shingles vac. All of my doctors said I wasn't a canidate because I am a HL survivor. Guess the vaccine is alive therefore our immune systems might not be able to handle it. Others had said their docs gave the green light. Personally, I'm going with my Adult Survivor Follow up doc at MSKCC, who says no.

Curiously, I have had shingles many times in the 23 yrs of survivorship, 6 or 7 in the last year. I started famvir phrophylactically for a year to surpress the virus. For unrelated reasons I had to stop after 3 months and I haven't had a case in 7 months, "knock on wood"!

So have you gone ahead with the vaccine?

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She (the NP)actually did not offer the shot there at the oncologists' group. She was saying that getting one from my Internal Med guy was OK. Your info gives me pause, however. I will ask my Internal Med doctor about it, but I find that virtually any non-oncologist seems scared to death about any cancer-related question, so I might not get much from him. Your case history certainly confirms the general impression that shingles follows lymphoma. There is some sort of link.

My oncologist is Board certified himself in hematology, internal medicine, geratrics (odd, I know), and is currently doing a lot of work in pallatative treatments. I will ask him personally, at least, before going with the vaccine. I will post here what I find out.

Much thankful,



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I have never had a flu shot in my life. Guess what...I got Lymphoma anyway. I think there are so many things out there that cause this stuff. Mostly being chemicals in my opinion. (Yes,Jim I have another opinion)HA!! HA!!. I have no doubts the flu shots could have a direct connection with what we have. Afterall do we really know whats in that shot. They can tell us anything,but it don't make it so. Remember the old saying,Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean its not real.John

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Hi Guys...
I've gotten a yearly flu shot for 20 plus years or longer... usually given in Sept or Oct. I was diagnosed with my cancer in June, so I'm thinkin the flu shot had very little to do with my cancer.(?) I worked with heavy duty chemicals(unprotected) for many, many years and think maybe that was the culprit. My doctors thinking also leans that way after hearing the various types of chemicals I worked with. Who knows??? I think in the not to far future we will be shocked to hear what all is out there causing so much cancer. It is, what it is...maybe someday we will get some answers to all of our questions..."fingers crossed"! Love ya all...Sue

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I also have never, ever had a flu shot, or any other vaccine since childhood - except for a TB shot a couple or so times.

There are so many different possible reasons for lymphomas occurring that there is no one (or several) right answers. I have two, possibly three, reasons for why I ended up with my fNHL diagnosis Dec 2011. Severe infection (I'd become septic from a sore throat in 2003/2004), HPV which caused my cervical cancer, or Sjogren's - I'd had become unknowingly symptomatic in 2003 and misdiangosed until 2011. I'd done a lot of Googling, and reading and just basically educating myself on causes, treatments, and research for fNHL. I was stage III, mix grade 1 & 2 when I got my diagnosis right at Christmas 2011.

The big thing is when you're doing all this reading, is try not to scare yourself - or you'll end up putting yourself in a bubble. And then you're left not enjoying life as you should, as much as you can while you can, ya know? I can't live like that. Not after going through RCHOP, and when I got told I got remission just 3 weeks ago - I tell ya. I AM LIVING!

Here's a PDF regarding lymphomas, and in particular to their causes. It's very science-y, and chock full of technical terms, but if you chew it a piece at a time, it can make sense.


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John have an opinion? LOL

I didn't mean to freak anyone out. I just found that reference
and like all things on the Internet, take it with a grain of salt.

In the past I've also read about possible links to Epstein Barr (virus),
Helicobacter pylori (bacteria responsible for most stomach/intestinal ulcers)
and some other viruses (don't recall their names) to cancer.

It would be interesting to find out what our oncologists think about it
however. I was just responding to diazr1's post.

Sorry to upset anyone.


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I had my first one as an adult as directed by the CDC in Oregon about 4 years ago. I may have had some as a child, but I don't remember.

My two links- having mono as a child and a father that lived around, in pretty much in agent orange during the Vietnam war before I was born. I have no siblings that have HL or family members.

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Not here, had throat cancer, never smoked, got Lymphoma B-cell stage 4 with bone involvement ,no clue's why..... can't wait to see what I get next! (just joking!) Vinny

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Maybe the next thing you get will be lucky ?

Most summaries of lymphoma state that, for most variants, there is no known, or typical, cause. There is zero (no) history of lymphoma on either side of my family, and very little cancer generally.

Hoping that what you get next is luck,



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I would love some!!!! hahahahaha thanks Max

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