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moms USPC probable relapse?

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new to this board but my mom who is 57 got diagnosed with USPC last July she had no symptoms they found it with her routine PAP and when we got the stg 2C diagnosis I started looking at the boards for info on what was ahead for her, I'm thankful for the info each of you share here, she had total radical hysterectomy in Aug of 2011, followed by 6 rounds of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation, she experienced mild neuropathy, developed a blood clot requiring heparin injections still, and finished treatments end of February, her CA-125 was very low after treatments but is now rising again it is 220, and they see something in her bowls which they are only calling an obstruction so far, we are waiting for CT results now, I am just wondering if anyone here with USPC has had recurrence in their bowel? How likely is this to turn out to be the USPC?

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My Mum was told it could be a bowel obstruction when in fact it was a tumor next to the bowel that was pushing up against it and around it, but I have read that bowel obstructions are common with this type of cancer.

I hope it's just some scar tissue.


susan rose
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Dear Daughter
I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and I will put you in my prayers along with my sister who has just started chemo. She is having some mild neuropathy pain in her legs but so far the medication is helping. Since this is such a rare cancer I have not been able to find anyone else who has it but since joining this site I read that their are a few women going through this also. It is so scary! Stay in touch with me and I will check the site for email from you. We all need someone to talk to and gather strength from.
God Bless You Both

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