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5th Folfiri today

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Joined: Nov 2011

Funny how some people know there med and others don't...
I met a woman today with the same diagnosis as me but she didn't know the drugs she was getting,, I don't know.. I think that is irresponsible of her... but I know i shouldn't judge her..

Today was my fifth treatment in this round of meds.. Folfiri w/vectibix..
I must say.. I got really queasy while the treatment was occurring but felt better as soon as it was done and I was moveimg around some.. home now with the 5fu bottle but still not feeling perfect .. but don't know that ever comes anymore..

Getting anxious now.. scheduled scans for mid August.. can't wait.. I know not to get my hopes up.. but mannnn.. I really have a goal to be out of treatment by the holidays.. I can hope.. right? I would really like to plan a trip to europe.. and maybe get to the vatican.. I know it may sound hokie.. but it really is something I wanted to do this year and didn't get to do.. not like I even have the money anymore since I have incurred new expenses with this diagnosis..

My CEA is not a valid indicator for me it is always 2 even though I have a biopsy of lungs that show cancer..

Need to cut my hair shorter but really hate to cut my hair.. my mom used to tell me hair was a sign of strength.. not going to shave my head yet .. .just going to cut it down.. not excited.. don't want to loose my strength..

I really hope I get thru this all successfully.. Lately I haven't been feeling so postive but I know I have to put aside those thoughts as you get back what you put out and need to be postive to get postivives back.. it's getting tougher but I am hopeful I will can do this..

Good luck to everyone here.. I hope we all get what we want most.. and health is really all our goal.. I pray we all are there soon.. My love to you all..

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Joined: Apr 2011

Know how you feel, dmj. It's a roller coaster. Each and every scan makes my heart pound. The day of getting the results....i get light-headed.....how crazy.
I don't have any advice but just wanted to say we all have to hang in there. Have some fun. I hope you go ahead and plan a trip.

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You're right on schedule - just as the doctor ordered:)

BTW, David Crosby "almost cut his hair" - but decided to just let his Freak Flag fly:)



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