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hoshimoto's/ underactive thyroid causing fibermyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome???

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I read this amazing book today about how thyroid problems and hoshimotos causes fibermyalgia and cfs chronic fatigue syndrome. anyone's doctor tell them this or anyone deals with this?
I ve had thyroid problems since i was 11 years old. had a thyroidectomy for cancer a year and a half ago. i seen many doctors due to lack of insurance,but lost the best one who found the cancer and was helping me, but now i have this endo i dont trust cause he requested that my main doctor just run some scans to follow up on re-occurence and that was it. another endo who only looks at blood tests. i still feel like crap and no weight loss so i was wondering maybe what i read is what i have.

anyone with chronic fatigue syndrome who has hoshimoto's?

Lieutenant Dan
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I have ME/CFS with Hashimoto's. However whenever I take any amount of any type of thyroid hormone it makes all my symptoms 10x worse- headaches, joint pain, thirst, sleeplessness, it makes me breathe faster and basically bug out, even when I split the pill into 8ths or 16ths or whatever and even when the dosage of the starting pill was small to begin with! Whenver I have told any doctor this they immediately blow me off and ask me why I'm not taking the thyroid hormone like they didn't hear what I just got though telling them.

The thing is, my sister also has ME/CFS without any thyroid involvement and has the exact same symptoms as me so that's why I kind of gravitate towards an ME/CFS diagnosis, even though I technically don't qualify due to elevated TSH, even though my free T3 and free T4 are within range.

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I'm sure the book was amazing, but it was unfortunately wrong at least about this. While Hashimoto's disease can certainly co-occur with any other diseases including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) it doesn't cause them.

Many researchers and clinicians have documented that infection may cause myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as CFS. According to the CDC's research the severity of the infection is the key factor not which pathogen it was or psychological factors. This combined with immune system abnormalities is most often believed to perpetuate the disease.

Are you asking if you might have ME/CFS? The criteria for that is fairly simple, but a blood test will only rule out other diseases. As well, fatigue in cancer can be severe although it is not the same as that of ME/CFS. One of the cardinal features of the fatigue in ME/CFS is that is post-exertional. It isn't relieved by rest and it occurs even upon doing something so simple as doing the dishes. If you don't have that the good news is you probably do not have ME/CFS and it is good news. While there are many treatments for cancer, there are very few for ME/CFS and none work for everyone nor are they curative.

You would also have to have cognitive problems with memory and concentration that can be objectively proven and are unrelated to say depression in addition to the post exertional exhaustion.

Fibromyalgia on the other hand, which is a chronic pain condition whereas ME and CFS are classified as neurological diseases, is mostly about pain. This condition can also occur with ME/CFS, making for additional problems and adding to the severity.

Any time you have co-occurring diseases/conditions they can amplify the symptoms of the others.

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