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Rec'd a lovely email from a CSN member...so here's an upate on my now 21yo son advanced colon cancer status!

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Hello all, it's been some time since I posted here...almost 2 years actually. I was doing a google search on a natural supplement and was lead hear due to a post on the supplement (which was heated...it pains me when people knock others down who choose a NATURAL approach to cancer...at the end of the day, it's that person's CHOICE!)

Kalief was diagnosed with Stage IIIC colon cancer in August 2009, at the ripe old age of 18, and 1 week shy of attending college in San Francisco to study architecture (his dream since he was 8). After the first round of chemo...he was metastatic as the cancer spread to his lymph nodes, the oxaliplatin debilitated him, and his hopes of beating this was shot according to him. After the 2nd round of chemo...surprise...same outcome...cancer spread, poor quality of life and he was in a deep depression. Third round of chemo...Kalief almost DIED after the 3rd (of 12) chemo treatments...it was then he said NO MORE!!!

We had already incorporated natural supplements and Emily, Scouty, and John23 (and some others I may have forgotten...charge it to my mind, not to my heart) posts and/or private contacts were SO very helpful to me as a fearful mom and long time Oncology RN who has seen it all!!! I am a believer that the supplements helped with his quality of life and we saw some miracles happen while on them. However, he wasn't consistent.

Kalief, by the Grace of God, is still here...still fighting this relentless disease. Almost 3 years in (they gave him 1 to 1 1/2 years life expectancy) he has not given up, although sometimes he gets weary. He still deals with the side effects that chemo and radiation created. In October 2011, someone recommended a supplement to him that changed his life. (I now distribute the product so I will not name it here as I am not here to sell anything to anyone). Kalief had a groin node that was the size of a fifty cent piece and in less than a week it shrank to the size of a dime. At that point, he agreed to 10 radiation treatments (although he let them eventually talk him into 15 which was NOT the original plan)...oh, the radiation oncologist initially wanted to give him 35 to 40 treatments when the node was huge... Well, he is now dealing with the side effects of radiation to the node...horrible lymphedema of his leg/thigh. However, his 7month PET scan was CLEAR!!!!! That was the FIRST time he had ever had a clear scan!!! He is now experiencing some back pain (which he says he knows is the cancer) as a result of the lymphatic massage and compression (which can happen unfortunately), but we have ramped up the supplements and added a few more. I also juice for him, and he incorporated raw foods and ALL organic foods into his diet unless he is eating out. Unfortunately, i can't seem to get him to lay off the sugar but it's his journey so I pull back when needed.

We are praising God and I'm SO very thankful to those on this board who have shared their journey...BOTH conventional and non-conventional treatments! My specialty is Bone Marrow Transplantation so even though I was knowledgable about cancer, I still needed and sought advice, help, and input from those of who actually in the trenches fighting this disease!

Kalief teaches me lessons in resiliency and perserverance on a daily basis. He NEVER gave up his dream of attending college..and finished his first semester at Community College of Philadelphia with a 4.0, he works, he leads an active life, he plays sports, hangs out with friends, dates, and even has his own place. I'm SO very proud of him.

I will try to post more often, it just got difficult while we were dealing with life and at one point I became overwhelmed at some of the sad news on both this board and Colon Club. However, I do know how much many of your posts helped me when I was new, afraid, and faced with this journey as a parent (which is so very different than dealing with it as a nurse). I can't thank you all enough!!! I lost my mom to advanced lung cancer in December of 2010...just 2 short months after diagnosis...but through it all, by and by, we are still standing!!!

God speed to all of you in your journeys...be it cancer warrior, survivor, caretaker, or friend. EVERYONE has something important to contribute...just because it doesn't fit YOUR paradigm, it may be a Blessing to someone else. Please, be kind to one another, whether you agree with a person's choice or not....remember, we all have free will and we exercise what is best for us. Be Blessed and may good health be yours!!!


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Kalief as well! Congratulations for having such a brave son !
God bless you, and hope to see you more often in the board!

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Thank you Pepe!!! He is brave, as are everyone on this board!!! I will definitely try to stay more connected. God bless you as well!

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Powerful, it's one thing when you're the mom with this but when it's your kids. My heart is just aching. God bless you both and may the scans continue to be clean.

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Helen thanks so much for your kindness and empathy!!! God bless you as well and I pray all is well for you! Dee

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OMG...just read my post and PLEASE forgive the typos...sometimes my fingers go so fast they surpass my brain (former secretary lol)...."lead hear"...lol...ok, that was terrible...led here! Have a great night! I abhor typos and didn't take the time to check my post...Dee

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That was a very inspiring post. Thanks so much for sharing about your son. HE ROCKS!.....and so do you!


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Hi Jennie!!! Thanks SO very much for your kindness...Kalief absolutely rocks!!! He's my hero! Thanks for reaching out and all the best to you! God bless! Dee

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You're an amazing mom and it sounds like Kalief is an incredible young man. Thank you for sharing his journey. Kalief is a testament to hope and strength.

My prayers are with you.


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Thanks for posting, so happy to see your son is doing well and he's had great scans. I know you are not coming on here to sell supplements but I'd really love to know which ones he uses!!!

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Hi Joe! Thanks for your response and kindness. We have been truly Blessed. I did send you a LONG PM on the supplements Kalief has used. We are still learning and most of what I found for him has come from the recommendations of people from this board and the Colon Club as well as health practitioners. After about 6 months of Kalief being on supplements through my research (and I reasearched everything EXTENSIVELY before deciding YEA or NAY for Kalief), I send him to an ND who was amazed that I had him on her normal recommended regimine...she only added ONE additional supplement.

Again, check out the PM...i also left my private contact information in case I'm not on the boards too often.

All the best and God speed!


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Hi Kathleen! I remember you offering a lot of kindness when I first came here in 2010! Thanks so much for your wonderful post! I am glad that Kalief's journey can be a source of inspiration to others. I have to come here more often because this board, and the Colon
Club....I tell you...the members on both boards helped me IMMENSELY and offered me hope and encouragement when I first came here scared, stressed, and feeling hopeless! I see I need to reciprocate...at the end of the day, no one can understand the journey unless you're are going through it...be it cancer warrior, survivor, caretaker, family, or friend. Simply put...after the diagnosis, life is NEVER the same...one can only hope that it becomes enhanced. Even through this journey, so much GOOD has come of it as well.

Thanks for your prayers...they are most welcomed and appreciated! God Bless and God speed to you and yours!


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So happy to hear your son is doing well. Can you please share what supplements he takes?

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Hi Dee. Thanks so much for the great news. I have been on this forum for about 8 months but not new to being stage 4. I am in my seventh year. I have always been big on mostly vegan organic diet with some supplements and juicing.

Can you PM me the supplements your son is using.


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Hi janderson,

Can u pl also pm me the supplements that kylie is using .

Once u know. I am going to have my laproscopic colon surgery in Germany ( am from India) ,

After recovery from that I am scheduled for a single stage resection, and ablution RFA, for the liver mets , which are atleast 9
To 12 tumours in both lobes. Dos says at they seem to have calcifed. Don't know if hat makes his task easier or not.

I have again done a CT an it looks like what the scan of 23 April looked like.

Scan was don today and I have the scans and CD but not the report yet.
I compared the two scans and it looks basically the same. I have been off chemo since
4 th July for the upcoming surgery. Any suggestions whatnto expect during the surgery
And how to deal with it.


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"In October 2011, someone recommended a supplement to him that changed his life. (I now distribute the product so I will not name it here as I am not here to sell anything to anyone)."
Many people on this Board are desperate for a cure---why not name the supplement?
Glad your son came through this horrible experience okay.

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